Monday, April 9, 2012

The Egyptian Pop beat rocks Egyptian presidential elections Online

Ok this is a very light post in very hot weather and these presidential elections mood . We got very interesting a trend online when it comes to campaigning that nobody has covered yet : Using pop “Shaabi” music.
The Shaabi music is a category of popular class music that can be described as urbanized folk music which you usually listen to in Taxis and Microbuses.
Of course the oldest presidential candidate to have a  Shaabi song for is Amr Moussa thanks to Shaaban Abdel Rahim aka Shabola in 2000 and his masterpiece that allegedly made Mubarak jealous enough to transfer him to the league of Arab States.
Shaaban Abdel Rahim: I hate Israel and I love Amr Moussa
I do not have to swear that Moussa is using that song in a way or another to prove that he is the man of the popular working class , do not be fooled guys to with his classy attitude.
Shabola made another song in 2011 after announcing his full endorsement to Amr Moussa . The song is called “I love Amr Moussa and he will be the president”
Shaaban Abdel Rahim : I love Amr Moussa 2011
Abu El Fotoh got two songs , one in a Cairo Shaabi style where the the second is an Upper Egyptian style song.
Here is the first one which I like so much.
Abu El Fotoh pop song
Here is the second one below
Upper Egyptian song for Abu El Fotoh
Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik’s supporters made song for him and it is not popular nor folk or “Baladi” style. “Actually it is so cheesy”
A Song dedicated to Ahmed Shafik
I wonder if Ahmed Zpider will dedicate a song to Ahmed Shafik. Of course he is busy and in shock after an Egyptian court has fined him LE 10,000 for insulting and accusing Wael Ghonim of being a traitor and an agent in a verdict that is widely ignored by the media.

Update#1 :

And Ahmed Shafik got a new Pop Sha'abi song which is very interesting

Update#2 : 

And Hamdeen Sabbai got a new song made by one of his supporters and it is not a pop Shaabi song but rather a rock style song.

Despite Hazem Abu Ismail does not like or approve of music like most of the Salafists yet his biggest fan and supporter in Zamalek and Mohendessin , Ziyad aka Tahrirawi who got a dog called Brawny and a girlfriend sang this rap song dedicated to Abu Ismail , the Man.
Ziyad sings ; Hazem , I love you
I wonder if there will be a song dedicated to Omar Soliman but I will not be surprised if Amr Mostafa makes a new song dedicated to the Lt.General.

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  1. لعن الله ذلك، وهذه الأغاني هي فظيعة.

    But #3, for Abu El Fotoh, which Z likes, is the best among them.


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