Sunday, April 8, 2012

And El Shater Speaks at last to .. Reuters

Here is a short interview in Video recorded by Reuters with Freedom and Justice Party presidential candidate Khairat El Shater
Reuters’ interview with Khairat El Shater
This is the first recorded interview for El Shater since the announcement of his candidacy. He speaks about social justice from his own perspective “Neoliberal policies” and the role of the private sector in infrastructure. “I feel that I am listening to a member in Gamal Mubarak’s policies committee”
Here is the full interview in English.
El Shater believes that we should not increase taxes to encourage investments. He also speaks about the shape of the state , the constitution. He is now speaking about semi-presidential state , strangely FJP leader Morsi said that if Khairat El Shater becomes the president , the state will adopt the presidential system and if he does not become the president , the state will adopt the parliamentary system !!!
He also speaks about the national security council that will include the armed forces representatives.
I think El Shater should be trained on smiling more when he is speaking to the public.
By the way tomorrow he will speak on TV for the first time on air with Amr El Lathy on Mehawar channel at 10 PM I think. It will be his first time to speak on TV in Egypt on air since the announcement of his candidacy.
I wonder when Omar Soliman speaks like him !!
Speaking about the devil, the Freedom and Justice Party is showing a compilation of photos showing Omar Soliman smiling with Israeli officials in the past in a clear anti-Soliman campaign.
FJP showing friendly Soliman with Israeli officials 
In return Omar Soliman campaign on twitter  is showing photo of FJP leading member and MP Saad El Hosany with bloody Bernard Henry Levy !!
From BHL official website 

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  1. In the video interview El Shater describes his vision of economic development based on private sector and foreign investment. This looks like another Sadat's economic open door policy. The rich gets richer and the poor gets the shaft. The link to Reuters article deals with completely different topics.


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