Sunday, April 8, 2012

24 hours before the hunger games start

Tomorrow at 2 pm the high presidential elections committee "HPEC" will close its orders for registration in front of all the presidential hopefuls and in the past 48 hours lots of things took place.

Omar Soliman went on Saturday to ask at "HPEC" what documents he needed in a huge security protection that include CSF protection , military police protection and republican guards protection too in a very strange scene that makes you wonder how much SCAF is supporting.

Soliman is supposedly going tomorrow to present the 30,000 PAs to the committee. According to several sources businessmen are forcing the workers to fill the PAs as well the wives of policeofficers and conscripts. There is also huge solidarity from Qena to its son because of the tribal connection which everybody wants to underestimate.

I do not need to talk about the silent ex-spy chief's supporters and campaigners because if he depends o n these guys , he is heading to hit rock bottom in no time , we got people who claim that he was the second powerful man in the world and one of the our pyramids.

Tomorrow will be a big day also because Omar Soliman will have big company. The Muslim brotherhood decided to have another presidential candidate in a strange incident in the history of the elections. The brotherhood will have a substitute to Khairat El Shater and that substitute is none other than the leader of Freedom and Justice party , Mohamed Morsi. There is a reason for this change.

In a big change on Saturday it turned out that Ayman Nour can't run for the elections as he still has not yet regained his political rights according to the administrative court. Many are speculating that El Shater may join Nour and that there is some legal gap in his pardon. Thus the Muslim brotherhood had to find another candidate in less than 48 hours.

Of course some people in Cairo are speaking about a deal between the MB and SCAF : Omar Soliman as president for Khairat El Shater as a prime minister. It is ironic considering how Soliman hates MB and Islamists in general "Check his historical interview with Christine Amanpour"

There is news that Al Nour party will have official candidate in the race and that candidate is its leader Mohamed Yousry ,there is big debate about this candidacy in the newbie party especially with all Abu Ismail's jazz.

Al Gama'a Al Islamyya political arm Building and development will have a presidential candidate in the race !! Yes the former terrorist group accused of killing president Sadat will have Sheikh Safwat Hegazy , the controversial sheikh with controversial fatwas. Despite he has real opportunities yet some Salafist voters are considering him as alternative if Abu Ismail is forced to leave the race because he is closed him !!!

Not only Morsi , Hegazy and Soliman are going to the HPEC in Heliopois tomorrow but also leftist candidate Khalid Ali who secured more than 20,000 PAs and PAs from the Egyptian Socialist Democratic party that got seats in the parliament. The outspoken labor activist and lawyer has threatened that Egyptians will declare militant resistance against Soliman if he is elected in a very stupid statement in elections time.

Yesterday Hamdeen Sabhi registered himself officially after securing the PAs , already he can run easily as the representative of the Nasserite Karma party. Sabhi went in a big Nasserite parade that included the photos of late Nasser.

In 45 days or in 50 days we will have a new president and we do not know who will be this man with more than 5 main candidates representing different powers.Rumors and news are changing per second in a way that gives you no chance to reconsider anything.

At 2 PM on Sunday the doors will be closed and the hunger Games will Start where every candidate including Soliman will pray day and night that the odds will be in his favor.


  1. It was said that Soliman did not just watch torturing while he was head of Egyptian intelligence - he did actively participate in it! :-(

  2. While I don't believe Soliman, should he win, will choose Elshater as prime minister, I don't agree that the reason is "He hates MB"
    In politics, there's no love nor hate. There is only "my interest". If Soliman's interest is with MB, even if for just a while, then he will unite with them.

  3. Khaled Ali represents the poor & workers who are the majority in Egypt. Suliman represents the army establishment. El Shater and other Islamic figures represent religious capitalism, Saudi-style. Both are minority groups. The poor often vote for rich businessmen or soldiers. Who knows why?

    Khaled Ali was active before Tahrir. Some say his labour protests led eventually to the Tahrir protests. While the MB was silent.Its not stupid to say if Egypt does not get a satisfactory government it will burst at the seams and their will be violent unrest, militant resistance.

    If Soliman can run why not Gamal? If the killers of Sadat why not Ayman Al-Zawahiri? It doesn't require great powers of prophecy to see
    that if conservative military & religous elite
    are in power they will ignore the poor and starving there will be turmoil.

    No one is talking about the economy. No wonder!! People can't feed their bellies on Koranic verses. And soldiers & clerics don't actually produce anything but they eat, they sure do eat. The military and the clerics, that is the whole of society, isn't it? Perfect.


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