Friday, April 6, 2012

Omar Suleiman, The Return of the Phantom Menace

And so on April 6th , 2012 former vice president of Egypt Omar Soliman has announced that he will run for the presidential elections in a statement that surprised everybody in a very strange day.
I decided to run for presidency in order to achieve the goals and aims of the January 25th revolution !!
Soliman said in statement. It is worth to mention that “Asaf Ya Rayes” Facebook claimed that this is not a real statement but so far nothing was announced after that alleged announcement. Soliman is media shy for sure and it seems that El Shater has got a strong competition.
It is worth to mention that Soliman has said in his statement that he failed to gather the 30,000 PAs tomorrow Saturday he will not run.
According to the official version of the today’s big news , the former vice president could not let down his supporters who were protesting in Abbassiya square “couple of hundreds” who were trying to convince him to run for presidency so much disbelieving his earlier statement issued last week that he will not run.
Omar Soliman , the phantom menace
For weeks there have been reports that Omar Soliman was going to announce his candidacy yet they were denied as soon as they spread. On Wednesday Soliman issued an official statement that he will not run for presidency because of the current political situation and that he can’t meet the candidacy’s requirements whether financially or organizationally as he has to have 30,000 PAs from 15 governorates.
In 48 hours things have changed dramatically in a way that I can’t get it aside from all the conspiracies talk.
Already Soliman has got only 48 hours to gather 30,000 PAs from 15 governorates and according to his supporters he still needs to have PAs from Fayoum, Suez, Port Said , Qena, Asuit and New Valley.
According to some activists some businessmen forced their workers to sign PAs for the like for instance Soliman Amar , the owner of Tahrir TV channel who got his own problems with the State had mobilized the workers who worked in his private residential compound to sign PAs for Soliman in the past  !!
All the cronies and hypocrites of Mubarak regime and SCAF have gathered  so far supporting him like Tawfik Okasha which actually discredit his image in a way that makes me wonder about his experience as head of GIS.
Strangely the Reform and development party’s leading member and famous businessman Ramy Lakh has announced his full support to the former Lt.General’s candidacy. I do not know if the party which got seats in the parliament will official endorse him or not. It is worth to mention according to some sources Lakh could be behind one of the rumors spread yesterday regarding one particular Non-Islamist candidate.
It is worth to mention that since 1996 Soliman is not longer a military because the GIS is considered a civilian institution according to the the law.
There are unconfirmed rumors that the Muslim brotherhood will pull Khairat El Shater in a deal between them allegedly and SCAF as they will support Soliman for presidency and El Shater will be appointed as the prime minister . Already I doubt this rumor because the Muslim brotherhood can’t tolerate to pull back their leading man in this way in front of their big fans.It will prove that there is a deal between them and SCAF in the most silliest way.
There is also a rumor that Ahmed Shafik , the former PM has announced that he withdrew from the case to support Soliman. Shafik said earlier this week that he would leave the race if Soliman announced his candidacy and would accept to be his vice president.
Now the official campaign of Ahmed Shafik has denied that he has left the race , on the contrary the man is currently visiting Nile Delta and said that he will continue in the race.
Speaking about voting chances so far from realistic point of view Soliman is going to divide the votes going to both Amr Moussa and Ahmed Shafik , especially Ahmed Shafik because whoever will vote for Shafik does not care for his past history with Mubarak and does not care much for the revolution.
Despite Moussa is not that popular among revolutionaries class yet he is popular among people as someone who suffered during the time of Mubarak because his public popularity.
Geographically speaking Soliman can get a lot of votes in Upper Egypt as the man who comes from Qena descends from the famous Hawara tribe that extends from Fayoum to Aswan. 
Some will laugh from what I am saying but I notice that his campaign and his supporters repeat that he is from Upper Egypt and is from the famous Hawara tribe.
By the way our elite revolutionaries do not have any consideration to the tribal roots in Egypt despite they are important voting blocs whether in Sinai or in Upper Egypt or in the West Desert or in Fayoum or in Nubia. Of course one must admire how Amr Moussa started to contact tribes throughout the country starting from last year.
Some believe that the elections will be rigged for the sake of the ex-spy chief yet one has to remember the parliamentary elections were not rigged and most of the former NDPians candidates lost. Others believe that this is the answer of SCAF to El Shater’s candidacy and that the military is using the fear of the Islamists that is growing among the middle class especially after the parades of Abu Ismail’s children.
The revolutionaries are pissed off and believe this is an official end for the revolution if he wins and they do believe he will as the elections will be rigged.
Personally I believe there is no good reason for a man who said on February 8th,2011 to Christine Amanpour that he will not seek presidency because he is an old man now and needs to rest not to mention he did not have much belief that the Egyptians are ready for democracy. I do not need to repeat that the man is stalked by skeletons in his closet whether the rendition program or the Gaza war or even the Egyptian Israeli relations.
To be honest I hope insh Allah he will not be able to collect the 30,000 PAs or even better that he gets that phone call to remind him that he should not run and decides to spend the rest of his life away from all that noise.
It is matter of hours and we know officially for real if he is going to run or not.


  1. SCAF can order 500.000 soldiers to sign for him. I agree with the revolutionaries : IF he wins it will be the end of the revolution, i.e. we have to return back to Tahrir.

    1. Soldiers are not allowed to participate to vote or to participate in the elections process including the PAs from legal point of view

    2. I did not know that. It is good to prevent SCAF from ruling, however, aren't soldiers citizens?

    3. See dear Z. you forgot the conscripts! It is pretty clear: Soliman is the army's man.

  2. They have already ordered poor factory workers and threatened them not paying their wages until they made power of attorney to Omar Suleiman. It is claimed that he already has 200,000 in his possession!!!!

  3. Sudanese Observer4/07/2012 01:47:00 AM

    Stuck between ultra conservatives and the military?

    Where is Egypt's middle class?

    Isn't Egypt supposed to be the shining beacon of 'thought' in the region..?

    Or is that just another mirage?

    1. Do not worry, there is definitely more 'thought' in Egypt than "South of our border"!

  4. A picture can tell more than 1.000 words

  5. Suleiman doesn't play nice with SCAF. There are many historical conflicts between them. These conflicts powered by mubarak so both of them keep loyal to him and not to play behind him.

    Suleiman is really weak, his campaign is PRETTY weak. He will not get high votes, even if hawara is behind him (although it is a big voting block).

  6. what did Omar Suleiman do that was so wrong,Just because he was with Moubarak,that does not mean he is not going to be a good president,beside anyone that will be elected he will be watched very closly and can not do the things that Moubarak and his family did


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