Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The man who does not speak much yet wants presidency

Who is Khairat El Shater ? A question that many Egyptians from outside Muslim brotherhood are asking themselves now especially that he is going to run for presidency representing Egypt's most organized power. Of course the loyal MB members will not believe that someone in Nubia or in Sinia or in New Valley does not know their savior , Egypt's 21st century Joseph !!!
Unlike other leading members of the brotherhood and those members authorized to speak to the media , El Shater is considered very media shy in a way that reminds me Ironically with Omar Soliman.  El Shater made about three interviews if I am not mistaken. “El Shater’s interview with Mahmoud Saad in Egyptian TV, Ahmed Mansour in Al Jazeera, Mona El Shazly in Dream TV
When the Muslim brotherhood announced that it chose him as a candidate , El Shater did not show up in the press conference held at the MB HQ. Mohamed Badie , the supreme guide of MB and the Mohamed Morsi , the leader of Freedom and Justice were the ones who announced his candidacy in a very strange matter when you rethink about the whole scene.
Up till this moment his family whether his wife or his offspring are the ones that are speaking publicly throughout the social media. The FJP official FB page showed a compilation of El Shaters' kids thoughts about their dad's presidential candidacy on twitter and Facebook status .
El Shaters comments on Facebook 
Then we got that video clip interview of Mrs. Azza , the wife of multi-millionaire El Shater speaking from behind a full Niqab from a year ago about her husband’s case.
Khairat El Shater’s wife speaks about her husband’s trial
Then we got that statement from Khadija El Shater to the MB and Salafists revealing that MB was going to choose Abu Ismail but did not as authorities warned them from his mother's American citizenship.
It is worth to mention despite all the presidential candidates so far have their wives award children away from the scene to escape comparisons with the Mubaraks, the MB presented the El Shaters to the public especially his Wife Mrs. Azza.
It is not about how modest he is , this is a leading position that he seeks , a position in a nation demands a charismatic leader not a position in brotherhood  regardless of how much we fool ourselves. That media shy character is not that popular in our society .
I am fed up from comparing El Shater with Erodgan because simply it's not being a businessman or an Islamist , Erdogan for God sake had more political public experience that made him known to the public. Unlike Erdogan , El Shater is from leading organizing members of Muslim brotherhood in the backstage. He did not interact with the public outside the brotherhood like Mohamed El Beltagy or Essam El Arian or like ex-MB members like Kamel El Helbawy or Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh.
El Shater's name came to fame for real when he was arrested in the infamous Al Azhar militias case and he had to be persecuted in front of military court by orders of Mubarak. During then the MB unleashed a huge international campaign for his and their members' release and we all as bloggers and activists from outside the brotherhood stood with them. “They can’t lie in this”
Even as a businessman his name was not that heard like other businessmen thanks to MB's membership, of course now the MB is claiming that he was Egypt's Steve Jobs that wanted to manufacture the first Egyptian PC but Mubarak and the States stopped him !!!
It is worth to mention that the worst kept secret in Egypt other than Farouk Hosni's sexuality , we know that huge economic empire of El Shater is actually the money of the Muslim brotherhood he invests regardless of their complete denial. Already it is uneasy to know the true financial assets of this man that should give a detailed report for every penny he got because simple we will not get rid from a businessman to have another businessman regardless of how he is.
Anyhow I think El Shater should speak up now , he is supposedly going tomorrow to present the PAs of more than 250 MPs in a show off to the Muslim brotherhood control . We will see if he is going to speak now or he thinks the Egypt’s presidency is just like ruling the brotherhood from the backstage.


  1. Shukran ya binti for your continually excellent posts. At el-Shater's meeting with the clerics of el-Hay'at esh-Shar'iyya on Tuesday (الأخبار/الشاطر-في-أول-اجتماع-له-بعد-ترشحه-للرئاسة-للهيئة-الشرعية-الشريعة-كانت-وستظل-مشروعي-وهدفي-الأول-والأخير), everybody's been reporting his remarks on shari'a and the proposed ahl al-hall wal-'aqd. But he also mentioned 'strengthening the official/state media' though (تقوية الإعلام الرسمي) and 'introducing partisans of the true vision into the media machine' (تقديم أصحاب الرؤى الحقيقية في المنظومة الإعلامية) which sounds worrying and very authoritarian.

  2. The headline on Drudge Report right now is that MB officials are meeting with Obama.

  3. "the worst kept secret in Egypt other than Farouk Hosni's sexuality" Hahahaha thanks for this laugh Z. I didn't know what you were talking about so I Googled "Farouk Hosni" and the 6th autocomplete suggestion is "gay" ROTFLMAO not that there's anything wrong with that.

    To be fair, "gay" is also the 8th autocomplete of "barack obama is". He does not seem to have had any girlfriends before marrying Michelle, leading to whispered speculation she is a beard.

  4. El Shater should speak up now as well as his wife, a potential first lady of Egypt. How she will appear if they receive a foreign head of state and his wife. Or the international community should adopt a new protocol to accommodate this family.


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