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Necrophilia Law is a Rumor Ya People !!

Now it has found its way to the Daily Mail , which is from the most read tabloids read online and you can imagine its impact on the Western mindset that already got that stupid stereotype about Muslims and Arabs already , I think I have to clarify things because it is getting out of control.  “It turned out it found its way to the huffingtonpost as well and Jezebl !!"
From couple of days ago we found out that Amr Abdel Samaii , the writer in Al Ahram newspaper claiming that the Islamists in the parliament are going to draft called the Necrophilia law in a 18 words sentence for one time in his op-ed about women and media in the time of the new Islamist majority. .
The necrophilia law allegedly allows the man to have one last sexual intercourse with his deceased wife in the first 6 hours after her death.  !! The Egyptian National TV former host who used to support Mubarak and his son did not mention the name of MP who proposed that law or any further details about it in his op-ed.
Unfortunately Abdel Samaii’s column would have gone unnoticed if it was not read by Gabr Armouty , the famous TV host in his daily show about press on ONTV this week.
ONTV : Necrophilia law


Now after little research it turned out that this is rumor was started by Egypt’s Glenn Beck aka Tawfik Okasha who hates the Islamists just as he hates the revolution.
Up till this moment the journalists in Egypt have failed to confirm the news or find any real source about this law in the parliament and I am speaking about journalists who have reached out to the food expenses of the parliament during the joint sessions in the constituent assembly jazz in details , who are making the life of the Islamists like hell to the level that the supreme guide of Muslim brotherhood Mohamed Badie called them “The black wizards”
We are all following the people’s assembly so carefully in Egypt to the level that people closely watch every word of the MPs recorded on TV or mentioned in the press in a way that you would not imagine.
Yes there were some attempts to pass laws concerning marriage and divorce and thank God the people are awake enough for these attempts.
From Islamic point of view , there is no such thing in the Islamic Sharia according to those who studied the Sharia especially when it comes the deceased’s rights.I know that the widowed husband should not attend the final wash of his deceased wife. Already I do not know what sick person will do this , it is sick horrific thing. 
This is a rumor so far , I really wish people to be careful on what they are spreading.


  1. @Z
    This proves Mona's theory because Muslim men look at their wives as property to use whenever and however they want!

  2. Fine, if this is true can you show an Original Source from the Egyptian parliament who confirms that there is indeed such a law being discussed.

    Secondly, The basis of Islamic law is Koran and not a Moroccan Pseudo Scholar. The media should exercise fact checking before spreading these baseless rumor. Why on earth someone whether Muslim, Christian or Atheist even think of having sex rather than trying to save someone or bereaving a loss. Both who asked this question to the fake scholar and the so called scholar are depraved.

    Islam pays emphasis on burying the dead body fast, holding back someones remains for upto six hours for such depravity will be unimaginable. Secondly, according to many Muslim traditions - when a wife dies, the worldly relations between husband and wife finish and according to those traditions it isn't allowed for the Muslim man to give her the final ritual bath, which only women can give. On the other hand when a husband dies, the woman has to wait for a 40 days period when she becomes free from that relation. Obviously, the 40 days period is to ensure that if there is a child born, its parentage can be easily established.

    Again, Let us for a moment take that someone who died still continues to be legally married to that person (according to this Moroccan pseudo scholar) , does that mean that the dead person need also need to continue doing other duties of the marriage eg. looking after children or is sex the only duty of marriage and well this also poses another question, how will a dead man's wife have intercourse upto six hours after death of the husband when his apparatus won't even function for penetration?

    Al Arabiya is a Saudi owned channel which has published this report in English version, do the servant of the two holy mosques as the Saudi King is known personally, have any control over the misinformation spread by it? They talk of Islamophobia while one of their own Satellite Channel publishes news that is worthy of the British Daily Mail?

  3. Vote for an religious party like the muslim brothers and in 2 years,you can start your revolution again! The biggest stereotype people in the West have,is that you don't have any clue about liberty and all want to be ruled by islamists. You're just proving them right with your article.

  4. Actually, Anonymous, it proves that morons will believe whatever outrageous nonsense confirms their prejudices, no matter how stupid or baseless it is.

  5. It is a fact that in the Islamic Republic of Iran, if a girl is a virgin and is convicted and sentenced to death, she is married to one of her jailers the night before her execution.

    This is not a fairy tale and has happened. It has something to do with preventing the girl from going to heaven after her execution. It is related to a part of the Koran, the same Koran that all muslims read.

    It is also legal to marry off a 9yr old. Khomenei,in fact, made such a pronouncement. Even though this a rare event no one disputes this as being legal. Its not anti-Islam propaganda.It is sweet Sharia.

    Sharia governs all possible situations. Including sexual. If you read the fatwas of the Supreme Shia authority - Iraqi(Arab) Sistani you will see he covers every single subject (I think even

    Even if it is allowed 99.999% will never indulge in it. So it is a non-issue. The bigger issue is who decides and how? And what if they decide wrongly? Or if others disagree with their decision. Most people (are good people) in Iran don't agree that it is right that a condemned virgin should be raped before her execution. In fact, many have watched executions being used as an instrument of terror by the current regime and are against them entirely. But you see the system of fatwas is such that noone really knows what authority is being called upon and how to challenge them.

    How would you challenge a religous decision you felt was unjust?
    Could you?

    Khamenei has declared a fatwa against Nuclear weapons.They are UnIslamic. Noone told the Pakistanis. Whats going on here? Is that just the usual double-talk. Is he saying that the whole population of Pakistan(most favour nuclear bombs) are not good muslims?

    A lot of questions. Very few answers.

  6. Wait, I know. The jooos did it!

  7. Exactly, Alice! Like the 'cucumber fatwa' before...

  8. For a civilisation so ancient, I really hope you find the safe democratic society you deserve for rising against oppression.
    It is true, the west is watching, some cynically i admit, but some watching with baited breath hoping this turns out well.

    A strong internationally engaged Egypt is very important for the international community and if this really works it will give hope to similarly marginalised societies.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  9. I agree with you Alice. Unfortunately there are far too many morons across the entire political and religious spectrum.They will eventually bring down the tattered remains of this "civilized" world.I despair!

  10. "It is a fact that in the Islamic Republic of Iran, if a girl is a virgin and is convicted and sentenced to death, she is married to one of her jailers the night before her execution."

    Firstly Iran is a Shi'a country. Their Fiqh is different from Sunni Fiqh. There is no such law found in Sunni books of law. Secondly show us this where this law is found in Shi'a Shari'a. Could we see an actual fatwa (religious ruling) on this?

    "This is not a fairy tale and has happened."

    OK... Is there a news story or an article on this?

    "It has something to do with preventing the girl from going to heaven after her execution."

    What? Nobody can prevent anyone from going to heaven except Allah. It's His exclusive right. And people don't go to heaven just because they're virgins. Absurd.

    Also when people die, they don't go to Jannah or Jahannam, they go to Barzakh.

    "It is related to a part of the Koran, the same Koran that all Muslims read."

    Can you tell us which part of the Qu'ran it is related to?

    "Khamenei has declared a fatwa against Nuclear weapons. They are UnIslamic. Noone told the Pakistanis. Whats going on here? Is that just the usual double-talk. Is he saying that the whole population of Pakistan(most favour nuclear bombs) are not good muslims?"

    Iran is Shi'a, Pakistan is Sunni. They have different rulings and views when it comes to certain subjects.

    "A lot of questions. Very few answers."

    And too many claims and zero proof from you. Anyway I advise you to read some books on this site:

    You won't get answers about Islaam from Islamophbic websites you seem to hang around at.

  11. Zeinobia for sure you're right : farewell intercourse law is a fake...but why nobody from the parliament dismiss this fake news???

    I am Italian/Egyptian lady living in Egypt since almost 10 I was reading on line Italian news and all the media are talking about this law!!! :(((

    somebody must stop this rumors with an official statement from the parliament to all international media!!!....every minute a blog, a forum, everybody are commenting and insulting and insulting Islam...please somebody must speak!!! :(

    you don't think so?


  12. It seems you know very little about what is going on in countries
    that actually have Sharia. I notice you selectively deal with the information I brought up. It is permissable for a 9yr old to be given in marriage to a rich older man under Sharia.

    It is also incontrovertible that under Islam virgins cannot be executed so therefore must be deprived of their virginity. There are a number of 1st hand accounts by witnesses of this from the prisons of Iran (which claims it is operating Islamic law) but you probably wouldn't want to read those books. You would probably call those books Islamophobic propaganda. Or you will say maybe that Shias are apostates, not real muslims. Egyptian sharia will be no different. Full of arbitrary,poorly thought out rulings dreamed up by ignorant but pious (oh so pious) people.

    I'm researching the case of Nasr Hamid Abu Zeid (an Egyptian), which you are probably not aware of. Robert Fisk recently brought him up in an article. The question is which islamic authority declared him an apostate and on what basis? Why was he required to divorce his wife of many years and leave Egypt? What would have happened if he refused? Were the experts wrong? You don't seem to provide any answers to these types of questions?

    If 2 different authorities disagree in a ruling? Who is right? The one with the most soldiers & bombs?

    Were the Talban religously correct to destroy the Bamiyan Buddhas? What about the Sphinx and the Pyramids?

    I hang around very few websites - (Islamophobic or otherwise) and prefer books (those dangerous creations!). I would sincerely counsel you to do likewise. There is much available in English, not so much in Arabic.

    Study. Read. Open your mind. Ask questions? That isn't haaram.
    It could get you into trouble though. I wouldn't blame you if you were a little afraid to.

    Plato,Aristotle,Confucious,Mencius, Avicenna,Marx, Rousseau. But if you prefer to remain ignorant. That is your choice. Websites will cook your mind and reinforce your prejudices if you rely solely on them.

    It is easy to say "Islam is the complete answer to all problems". I can say it over and over but that won't make it so.
    If you believe this then prove it to be true. How are you going to do that?

  13. For those "ancients" who read "Quo Vadis" in their youth, in Rome too they used to deflower virgins before executing them...

  14. Do you think that this story is more than the same, or can this possibly be verified?:

  15. And we are suppose to believe these people just because they say it isn't true about having sex with a dead person? I don't believe anything a muslim says anyway. But I believe this is true. Since it is a sick religion.

  16. Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? They should respect the dead.

  17. This is not invented to make Islam bad. Necrophilia has a tradition in Islam, going back to the prophet himself (see Sahih Buhari 2:23:374).

    Pretty sure they confused a fatwa with a political law.

    E.g. in Marocco, the well-known and authoritative Alem Zemzani issued a fatwa allowing necrophilia:

    Maybe there was or is a similar fatwa by an Egypt cleric.

    1. Actually this is not true , this is not a tradition it is prohibited by all the four major Emam schools in Sunni Islam who consider it a mix of adultery and violation of dead people.Both are huge sins and actually some Emam demand that whoever practice necrophilia to be stoned like in adultery. These are documented teachings and fatwas.

      Now regarding the incident you are referring to from the time of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" well it does not involve necrophilia from near or far.The incident is related to the burial rituals and actually Bukhari himself included it in the funerals section.

      The whole confusion for some comes from the bad translation for classical old Arabic term "lying down" or "Sleep besides" and mixing it with "having sex" or "Sleep with as in sex" as both got similar nouns in Classical Arabic. Arabic synonyms and words' origins quite different the straight English style.

      The incident is exactly the following: When Lady Fatima Bent Assad , the mother of Ali who raised prophet Mohamed after the death of his mother died , he "pbuh" and his companions dug her grave.
      Already in Arabia as well in Islam people are directly buried in earth without coffins.
      After he dug the grave along his companions , the Prophet laid down in the grave itself and prayed inside for lady Fatimah asking God for his mercy as she was his second mother.

      Then he came out of the grave and buried her after saying in her ear the last burial rituals in Islam. This was the incident.

      Unfortunately many Islamophobic websites spread it in a wrong way.

      I do not know about Morocco but I checked the news archives in Morocco and the man seemed to be slammed by other sheikhs.

  18. It is a Christian Ritual to rape a Dead body, In every funeral they sensually kiss the dead bodies and touch it's (private) parts. Therefore every christChr funeral is a necrophilia party.

    1. I have never read this or seen it before in a Christianity or any other major religion in the world


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