Monday, April 30, 2012

To catch a Thug on Facebook : Mr. Baskoeta !!

Do you remember that video from last Sunday’s early morning clashes between protesters and thugs as well locals in Abassiya area near the #MOD sit in where attackers face were crystal clear and we had the opportunity to hear and see the moment the video shooter getting hit by another young man carrying a handmade gun !!!? Here is the video to refresh you mind.

Later “Kolena Khaled Said Group” FB page showed a screen capture for that young man in order to be arrested by the authorities.
The Screen Capture
Now amazingly before we hear anything from the authorities our youth were able to find all the details concerning his address and his name plus his Facebook Profile.
A Screen cap from the Facebook profile 
Mr. Karim Baskoeta aka Karim Biscuit seems to be a young man from Abassiya if I may say judging from photos he posted on the Facebook. He is from the working class that worked as a cashier in a clothes shop , who visited the Holy land and marked his visit , who took a photo in front of a tank hold an Egyptian flag posing besides an Egyptian soldier after the ousting of Mubarak in February 2011 and who loves motorcycles yet he loved to show off with guns and swords.
With handmade gun and swords along with a Friend
After seeing the photos of Baskoeta as normal Egyptian young man except for the parts with handmade guns and swords , all I want to know is why there was a lot of hate in the eyes of that young man to the level of being ready to kill another Egyptian on that bloody Sunday morning !! Is it for the money ? Is it for believing that protesters were working on bringing down our armed forces ??
I am trying to figure it seriously because one thing for sure is the first people who will gain from fruits of this revolution before anyone is the working class of Baskoeta.There is a gap between the revolution for real and the bigger part working class. After all it is enough that this most of this class voted for Freedom and Justice Party and Al Nour Party instead for the Revolution Continues electoral coalition in the parliamentary elections then there is a gap.
Anyhow despite what Mr. Karim Baskoeta demonstrated from criminal behavior against other Egyptian citizens starting from the fact that he uses unlicensed weapons. “ I think that weapon in hand is already illegal in the first place”
Karim assaulted an Egyptian citizen and thus he should be held accountable , this is from the basic facts in the world.


  1. You are dead on. How come this man can act so coldly to the fact that he is indeed shooting another human being? Have we become senseless? One's first reaction to the video is scream out loud, and yet he didn't care less. I hope authorities hold him accountable soon.
    Here is my take on thugs, the new character that is emerging in egypt:

  2. You should include this picture to your post as well since this is probably the weapon he has used to shoot at the protestors:

    This picture can be found on his profile

  3. Zeinab you did not mention anything about the person who got shot? Did he get killed or injured? Please update your post if you have any information. Thanks

  4. Thank you for posting this. Amazing how quickly social media can track down a perpetrator.

  5. these are Mubaraks paid thugs shooting the people with shotgun pellets and they always blame the army for that!!!! he should be tried in public in Tahrir SQ in a court of people as a lesson to all the other thugs!!


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