Monday, April 30, 2012

Presidential Elections 2012 : The official Islamist vote leans Towards Abu El Fotoh

And the presidential elections committee announced last week the final list of the Presidential candidates forcing the major Islamists parties and powers to declare their position after being hesitant for weeks to declare their endorsement till everything is clear.
In the Past few days there have been a lot developments when it comes to the Salafist Islamist vote.
Al Nour Party has announced its official endorsement to Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh and they are supporting him by all their force which is demonstrated in the big rally made for Abu El Fotoh in Alexandria today. Al Nour parliamentarian committee held an internal elections to choose the Islamist presidential candidate they should endorse and accordingly Abu El Fotoh got 74 votes while Mohamed Morsi of MB got 30 votes and Mohamed Salim El Awa got one vote.
Al Nour Party endorses Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh
A screen cap for Al Nour Party official FB Page 
Nader Bakar , the official spokesperson of Al Nour Party and its famous face in the media even spoke in the meeting of Abu El Fotoh with the university of Alexandria students where he described the former MB leading figure as “The Executive manager who can administrate the Egyptian company currently”. The Party has started to campaign for the one professionally since 72 hours.
Bakar from two days published on the Facebook the reasons why his Party chose Abu El Fotoh. Interestingly enough in this statement Bakar opens the fire delicately on the Muslim brotherhood saying that the decision was taken on scientific bases because we are dealing with the President that is close to “Executive manager and not the Khalifa of Muslim” adding that Al Nour party is not a follower to the Muslim brotherhood.
Al Daoa El Salafya aka The Salafist Calling also announced its official endorsement to Abu El Fotoh after having an internal elections where Abu El Fotoh got 80% of the Salafist calling members. In a statement issued by Abdel Moneim El Shahat, the controversial Sheikh and the group’s official spokesperson issued a statement on why the Salafist calling chose Abu El Fotoh on Monday. It is interesting statement because you will know that the group was close from choosing Khariat El Shater before his exclusion yet they chose Abu El Fotoh over Mohamed Morsi because the later is not that popular in the street plus they fear that if they endorsed a MB candidate , it would appear like a monopoly for one group in the country !!! 
Still El Shahet says that they chose Abu El Fotoh because he is Islamist and his presidential political program completes the MB’s economic program. El shahet in his statement spoke that the group wants Abu El Fotoh as a president and the Muslim brotherhood in the Parliament as the government because “ The Egyptian chose the Islamists in the parliamentary elections !!” 
Nevertheless it should be understood that those endorsement are not obligatory to Salafists because in the end the Salafists movement is big , wide and unorganized unlike Muslim brotherhood. It is also noted that some of Hazem Abu Ismail supporters feel that they have been abandoned and are angry from the Al Nour Party as well their sheikhs and Salafist Front after not only leaving Abu Ismail facing the whole world from their own point of view. The Abu Ismail boys especially from Revolutionary youth are angry on how their sit in at the Ministry of Defense is not supported from these major Salafists.
Al Wasat Party also announced the results of its internal elections on which Islamist candidate it should endorse on Sunday and Abu El Fotoh got the ticket. For months the moderate Islamist Party faced huge debate within its members about whether it should officially endorses Mohamed Salim El Awa who co-founded it with Abu Ela Mady and defended its right for existence in front of Mubarak’s court or to endorse Abu El Fotoh. According to the Internal elections results Abu El Fotoh took 63% of the votes while El Awa took 23% of the votes.
Today Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya also announced its official endorsement to Abu El Fotoh who used to join in early 1970s in Cairo university before joining the Muslim brotherhood. Al Gama’a held internal elections to choose their favorite Islamist candidate. Abu El Fotoh got 63% from the votes where as Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim brotherhood only took 37%.
According to Essam Abdel Maged , the famous Islamist group official spokesperson the group chose him because he is going to apply Islamic Sharia with board terms including “banning alcohol and nudity from tourism” in the country. I think this quote will not pass easily as we need to know what Abu El Fotoh has promised them and the Salafists with.
If we are speaking about the Muslim brotherhood and its political arm , well I believe that they had a big a blow and they know , of course they still believe to have wider audience concerning their members and their supporters. The MB is not only marketing for Morsi but rather their “Nahada” {Renaissance} Presidential program  and its economic benefits in an attempt to attract the Non Islamist voters using the promises of better economic
Now officially there are two main Islamist contenders in the Egyptian presidential race : Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh and Mohamed Morsi. I do not know how Mohamed Morsi can win Abu El Fotoh now.
Anyhow the question is now “Can Abu El Fotoh Keep the Liberal votes and even earn more votes from that bloc ?? This is another post. The Abu El Fotoh presidential campaign issued two statement about the endorsement of the Salafists and Al Wasat as a sign on how Abu El Fotoh’s program represents all Egyptians and unite them. I think they should face the fears of the Non Islamists now.
Anyhow at the same time the liberals are freaking out , I am reading strange comments in Salafist Pages who conservative Salafists who are totally against Abu El Fotoh to the level that makes me wonder on how popular the man is this to the Salafists in the real ground away from Parties.
Mohamed Salim El Awa has not got any endorsement from strong Islamist political power , even Al Wasat Party which he founded it along with MB defectors Abu Ela Mady and Essam Sultan did not stand with him. Also He is not popular in the revolutionary street and is considered too close to SCAF.
Abdullah Al Ashal , the Presidential candidate of Al Asala Party has yet again withdrew from the race from couple of days according to my knowledge. He was not a strong candidate already.
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  1. I can't believe that this liar has gained all that popularity to become the president of Egypt. I can't believe that this guy who does not know how to express himself in English (or Arabic if you remember his blunt and indecent talk to president Sadat)can actually win the presidential elections. He flatly denied this terrible video claiming it was fabricated. May Allah save Egypt

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  3. The funny about salafies leaders (ie. abdelmonem elshahat) is that they are from the one who asked ikhwan many times to enter the presidency race and when ikhwan did, they supported another candidate!


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