Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Waiting For Presidential Debates on TV to Start

The famous debate between Nixon and Kennedy
in 1960
And for the first time in the history of Television in Egypt as well in the East of the Arab world we are going to have televised presidential debates on TV between the presidential candidates in Egypt next Thursday’s evening.
The first time there was a Televised Presidential TV debate in the history of television in the Arab world was in Mauritania in 2007.  
The Presidential Debates event will be a joint broadcast between Dream TV Network and ONTV Network
The debates will be moderated by Mona El Shazly , Yosri Fouda , Reem Magued and Hafez El Marazi. There will be also analytical discussion after the debates by political analysts moderated by Amr Khafagi. The debates will be published next day in Al Shorouk and Al Masry Al Youm newspapers exclusively.
Of course one must wonder about the Egyptian National TV , well it is out of the world despite it airs some TV show presented by veteran TV host Tarek Habib called “ Who is the Egyptian President ?” that simply shows the answers of the presidential candidates on specific points in one hour each presidential candidate alone.
The first debate will be extremely important , it will be between Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh and Amr Moussa. I do not know if this debate should be the last one and not the first one considering the importance of both men.
Already in the latest two polls conducted by Al Ahram Strategic studies center and Al Masry Al Youm , Abu El Fotoh and Moussa were leading the results.
There is news that Mohamed Morsi has refused to debate both men and this is interesting. Hamdeen Sabbahi and Khalid Ali’s campaigns claim that both men also refused to have debates with their candidates.
People in Egypt are excited and they are waiting for Kennedy-Nixon Style debate.
1960 : Kennedy-Nixon First Presidential debate
TV hosts Yosri Fouda and Reem Magued already are taking day off from their shows on Wednesday to prepare for the big show that will be a media history
Insh Allah I will live blog the Presidential debates.


  1. First in the East of the Arab world?

    Which part of the Arab World are Somalia or the Comoros Islands in?

    Or is this is a reiteration of the insults Heikal hurled at Mauritania some years back.

    Just face it, yours will be the "second" one, not the first.

  2. Why don't Hamdeen Sabbahi and Khaled Ali want to participate in the debate? It would be interesting to hear all of these candidates' points of views in this kind of venue.

    The debate is a positive development.

  3. Z please I beg you to consider as this is an English site for non Arabic speakers. Please please before you post your commentary read read and re read what you have written to make sure it is understandable. So many of your posts make no sense at all in English and we have to guess your meanings. Imagine that we are children and you have to spell it out to us and dont assume we know anything because often you assume we know things you speak of and we dont. Keep it simple, plain English, do a grammar check with a native speaker nad make it sound logical so we can understand it I beg you.

    Take your time and make notes and collect your thoughts before putting it in writing.



  4. Mr. Joe,

    This is not the first time you complain about Z writings, and not the first time you ask her to go get get English lessons or to hire someone to edit her writings. And every time I see what you wrote, I get annoyed, and I hope that in time you will shut up and take your business somewhere else.

    Z is not a native English speaker, but I am sure her English is better than your Arabic, or French, or Hindu, or whatever language you speak, if you ever do. I hope you can understand what she write. If not, it is your loss. Go somewhere else. Whatever you pay is not enough to hire an English tutor.

    English is my Second

    1. That's harsh and short sighted. Understanding is everything. The world has stood by and watched as Syria burns to the ground. Do you believe the military rulers in Egypt have not noticed? I have family in Cairo I do not want to watch it explode on CNN.


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