Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#MOD : On Going Massacre "Graphic"

And deadly clashes erupted early morning today between the Protesters of #MOD sit and thugs as well locals of Abassiya resulted officially in the death of 5 citizens and the injury of at least 45 in one of the worst clashes since the Port Said stadium clashes. According to the ministry of health official report the 5 were killed by birdshots.
One of the injured transferred "3mo Shehab"
According to unofficial numbers there are 10 have been reportedly killed in the clashes according to the field hospitals in the area.One of Abassiya locals have been killed this morning , allegedly shot down and that was the start of the clashes. Of course these clashes comes after daily fights with the thugs and locals of Abassiya that started on Saturday !!
Protesters and eye witnesses are speaking about the use of automatic guns in horrifying scenes where protesters are being slaughtered. One of the hospital nearby Abassaiya “Dar El Shafaa” is said to be under the control of thugs and angry locals.

April 6 Youth movement has announced in official statement issued from short while ago that one of its members  “Dr.Ibrahim Abu El Hassan” has been killed in the clashes.The last thing he wrote in FB profile from 12 hours was "I write using my blood a new history for my country". Dr. Abu El Hassan was a friend to late Dr. Alaa Abdel Hady.
 There are other 3 names we already know about it including activist Atef El Gohary who joined in old sits in. May Allah bless their souls.

There are news reports that the thugs attacked a hospital in the area. It is chaotic sad bloody scene.
We are not speaking about thugs hired by security forces whether Police or army to disperse the sit in violently but we are speaking as well about locals from Abassiya residents who believe that they are defending their neighborhood against those annoying protesters. It is unlike the previous times where the security forces were in direct confrontation with the protesters , everyone is involved in these clashes.
There are warning men with beards to be careful while walking in the area because the locals target them. Bearded men are trapped in their homes and can’t go any where for fear of the attack.
Here is a video showing part of the clashes when it started in early morning.

Needless to say this is sit in has no public support so I believe it is wise that it ends today. Enough blood
In the first political reaction the Freedom and Justice Party announced that it will boycott the meeting SCAF is holding today with political parties. It turned out that they were not invited to this meeting in the first place 
Now MP Mostafa Al Naggar of El Adl party announced that we will boycott the meeting of SCAF because "there was nothing more to speak about".
MP Mohamed Sawy of El Hadra Party also announced that he will boycott the meeting because he can't tolerate the blood spelled around the #MOD.
It is rumored that this meeting will include a suggestion from SCAF to postpone the Presidential elections. A military source told Ahram Arabic Portal that SCAF will hand over power by the end of June 2012 !!!
I am frustrated , angry , sad , I want the day to end , I want this nightmare to end !!
Here is the latest report from the Tahrir doctors field hospital

@11:49 AM 

Officially the death toll has increased to 6 and more than 100 injured !!
Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh suspended his presidential campaign today after what happened wondering where the Parliament is from this massacre. I am trying to get more info from his campaign
Presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi is going to suspend his presidential campaign for two days to mourn the victims of the attack !!
Hamdeen Sabbahi said on his twitter we will not accept anymore the attack on the rights of the protesters.

 @12:23 PM 

Officially the death toll has increased to 9 and 49 injured !!
The army will deploy units from the central military zone to end the clashes and already the MOI has deploy units from the Central security forces to end the clashes right away.
The CSF vehicles over October bridge by Rawya Ragah

Al Nour Party announced that it will boycott the meeting of SCAF and its leader is already in Abassiya with protesters.
FJP issued a statement saying that it will boycott today's SCAF meeting "despite they were not invited to the meeting in the first place !!" and that they will hold a press conference to explain the party's refusal to the incidents of Al Abassiya. 
El Adl Party issued a statement holding SCAF responsible for the clashes and the victims fallen in these clashes. 
Reuters reported that the death toll increased to 9 and more than 60 were injured.

@1:10 PM

There are news reports that CSF and army manage to end the clashes !! I hope so without further casualties because many people fear from their deployment.
CSF near Abdou Pasha square By Abdel Monem 

@1:56 PM 

Ali at the sit in by "Sherif Abdel Kuddous"
The death toll has reached to 12 :(
There are people who are killed from Abassiya locals and their families are extremely angry. They believe it is blood between them and the protesters. The locals are standing in balconies and insulting the protesters. It is not only about hired thugs released from the police stations to terrorize the protesters. Unlike any other time we got the locals getting involved in the clashes against the protesters in violent way. Not less 4 Abassiya locals have been killed. Sadly enough you do not know exactly now who is the thug from the local resident from the protester , it reminds with the same old debate on who we should call a thug !!!!
The protesters have not left the sit in. There are marches organized by several powers and parties as presidential campaigns like Hamdeen Sabbahi's campaign heading to the sit in. Hamdeen Sabbahi is allegedly heading to the sit in already after suspending his campaign. 
Khalid Ali has announced that he suspended his presidential campaign and he headed to the sit in where he addressed the protesters and called for his protesters to join them !! 
There are unconfirmed news Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh will head to the sit in along with a group of doctors. 
Most banks and companies as well shops have closed their doors today. Ain Shams University has reportedly closed its doors , I am expecting huge protests among its students. The metro stations are closed in the area. 
Abu El Fotoh campaign announced that the presidential debate between him and Amr Moussa will be postponed to next week.

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