Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#MOD : Because we do not learn from our mistakes !!

And the protesters are insisting to complete to have useless sit in which we do not know really what their demands for real were up till now in  a very hostile area. There were several marches that headed this after noon led by prominent figures including presidential candidates like Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh , Hamdeen Sabbahi and Khaled Ali to show their support to the protesters after the brutal clashes in early morning.
Thousands joined these marches in solidarity with the protesters and yet on one convinced these protesters to end that sit in which everybody knows that it will end in bloody disaster. We do not know learn from our mistakes , we are being dragged to useless confrontation because of vague empty slogans that have become so ridiculous.
Already one of the disasters that they can not deny is how Mohamed El Zawahiri, the brother of Ayman Al Zawahiri was received by his followers mainly from Salafist Jihadi trend as well the Abu Ismail Supporters on the first anniversary of Osama Bin Laden “At the same time John Kerry is visiting Cairo” with chants like “ Hey Obama , we are all Osama” , “The people want El Sharia” .. to the end of this with their black flags.
We are waiting for another disaster tonight because simply the people of Abassiya and Al Wali believe that the protesters are thugs and the protesters believe that the people of Abassiya are thugs in addition to the fact that the thugs are angry for the death of their friends and everybody is armed and security forces do not want to stop this on going war of the public !! Yes there are hired thugs by security forces but there are also extreme angry citizens in Abassiya.
Oh yes the people are armed in Abassiya , the thugs are armed in Abassiya and some of the protesters specifically from the Ultra Jihadi Salafists according to several eye witnesses including prominent activists like Alaa Abdel Fatah and Ahmed Alish. Abdel Fatah is facing hell from other tweeps and activists for having the guts to speak the truth. I respect Abdel Fatah on how he stood against the current and said the truth because people have been killed and we can’t escape from responsibility when we defend the right of peaceful protesting.
It is worth to mention also that the some of these protesters tortured the thugs they arrested from two days ago despite the refusal of other protesters and human rights activists. The thugs got families in areas like Abassiya and Al Walai areas who wanted to teach the protesters a lesson on not to mess with their sons.
Already the whole fight started last night when a local boy/thug was killed from Al Wali popular area and this family and friends “from thugs” literally went mad and decided to turn the sit in to hell.
The death toll according to Dr. Mohamed Fatouh of Tahrir Doctors group has increased to 11 where as according to the ministry of health it reached to 7. I believe the first number The hospitals in the area were closed in Abassiya area because they are not secured and the thugs attacked the hospitals and doctors. There are already 7 dead bodies in the morgue from Abassiya and Al Walai
SCAF will hold a press conference tomorrow at 12 PM to discuss the clashes. Muslim brotherhood and couple of parties will have another Friday protest which I believe is another game from the MB when it comes to their political battle with SCAF
There will be no delay in presidential elections in fact SCAF is ready to hand over power to the elected president from the first round on May 24th ,2012.
I am so tired , frustrated and angry

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  1. Its pretty funny how many liberals attacked the sit-in although it is an exact copy of what happened in mohamed mahmoud street.

    Ikhwan and salafys refused the sit-in in both cases, and they bear all insults all the time.


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