Friday, June 8, 2012

And this is how you will “REALLY” improve tourism in Egypt !!!

And because the revolution and its protesters in Tahrir square harmed tourism , the Egyptian authorities launched a campaign to warn citizens from speaking with foreigners for fear they will be spies.
Really : Do not Speak to foreigners !!
Do not speak to any foreigner for fear he will be a spy !!!! I love how they showed the activists wearing Palestinian scarfs in reference to the socialists who always wear it. Of course the example this used in this ad is similar to the case of Illan Grapel
This ad was aired in Egyptian National TV channels as well Egyptian private channels like CBC.

Updated :

There is another ad aired on TV warning Egyptians from chatting online to unknown parties !!
Really : Spies companies recruit Egyptians through chat !!
We do not know who behind that advertising campaign , you do not have to guess it is the intelligence. Well I am extremely worried on the GIS because I believe they still live in the 1960s where as we are in 2012 , you do not need all this to collect information for God sake !! Updated : Our friends on twitter found out that these ads are inspired from the famous ads campaign in 1950s in the States "He can be a communist"

Already these ads show the Egyptian people bunch of fools !!
From the American WWII propaganda 
There is no doubt that knowing how Shafik supporters suffer from Xenophobia and Chauvinism , they like these ads so much. Even those of them to pretend to be more open and so-called liberals put the blame on the revolutionaries for those ads because they speak too much to the foreign press !!
The big irony is that the Tourism chambers in Egypt are mobilizing with what they got from power to elect Ahmed Shafik !!
I do not recall that after the six day defeats or even after the Suez war the Nasser regime launched similar campaign in the media.
I fear that this ad is an introduction for a campaign against human rights activists and journalists from abroad so they will not cover the upcoming crackdown against the Muslim brotherhood as well revolutionary powers and groups if Shafik is elected as a president.
Well everything comes with a price , the media convinced the public in Egypt that the Muslim brotherhood will destroy the tourism industry because of their conservatism and now we will see how the tourism will flourish with xenophobic TV campaigns and Upcoming security crackdowns against activists and political opponents !!

Updated :

Throughout the day there was speculations among journalists on who exactly stands against that advertising campaign. According to Egyptian TV employees , the campaign is aired by orders of above the above
Anyhow  @Military_Secret twitter account spoke about the campaign which simply is run by the intelligence

Updated on 10/6 :

The Egyptian TV has decided to stop the broadcast of such ads temporarily , it will reproduce these ads with another script that is foreign friendly I think !!
Now from what I know some activists contacted the minister of tourism Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour to complain about these ads and its impacts on tourism. From what I knew Abdel Nour does not like the ads and told these activists that he will work to stop them.
Anyhow the ads are being aired day and night on private TV channels
And Amr Mostafa , the most famous Pro-Mubarak  Anti-Revolution outspoken figure who believes in world conspiracies unleashed a huge attack against those who dislike the ad cursing the revolution

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  1. Bishop Passanty, the bishop of Helwan and Ma'sara and a member of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church, made his comments on the Al-Arabiya satellite network.

    Passanty's statement was the first of its kind by a church leader after media reports claimed that Copts voted for former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq during the first round of the presidential election upon church instructions. Bishop Pachomius, the acting pope, has denied these reports.

    Passanty directed a message to Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsy, saying: “If you are elected president, remember all that you have said — that Christians have the same duties and rights Muslims have… If you stand by this, we would respect you as president of Egypt and welcome Islamic rule that would establish a civil state with equal citizenship rights for all Egyptians.”

    Wise decisoon now the rest of the bishops needs to do the same before sectarian war in Egypt!!

  2. I love how the 'state secrets' are inflation and transportation/traffic issues. So the spy is texting back to base about how crowded the metro is and how honey is more expensive now (10 LE more!) -- he sounds like my aunt :D

    I hope people in the tourism industry see Zeinobia's point -- because the ones I know resented protesters and activists and blamed them for affecting their livelihood. I hope they see who is really responsible after this ridiculous campaign.

  3. We are all hoping for the best outcome for your Revolution who value freedom and a better future. The triumph of the spirit of Tahrir will be the best outcome for tourism. You are an inspiration!!! Good luck! Roger

  4. Egypt's revolution has hit a rock bottom.

    Seriously, as if revolution never existed. Only thing missing is Shafik winning the presidency, dissolution of parliament and impeding crackdown on MB.

    This was bound to happen as the people of Egypt did not rise against all the messing past year. Now SCAF thinks it can get away with anything, including blaming MB for infamous Camel Battle, releasing prisoners...

    First round of elections had barely 30% of turnout (the real turnout of all eligible voters not that registration scam). This means people of Egypt couldn't care a less about democracy, or they are so smart they decided to boycott. Somehow I think the first mentioned is more probable.

    What is even more heartwrenching is to see all those liberal revolutionaries who actually vouch to boycott. Here is a kicker, if first round of elections was not boycotted and turn-out was around 30%, it means boycotting cannot work! That's like having a hunger strike but not getting any media coverage, it's just not achieving the publicity it seeks to gain.

    Joshua Landis pointed out in one of his articles about Syria to an interesting research which applies to Egypt just as well "According to a recent study, autocracies with a median population age of over 30 years old are most likely to transition to liberal democracies", this could just mean it was never going to work in Egypt just yet, where median is around 24 years.

    Maybe decade from now, as the youth have matured. When there is one more generation which can counter the propaganda of State TV, then I hope the revolution can finally put the Mubarak's orphans to retirement or jail.

  5. The guy in the corner, he's definitely CIA. He has a nice pinhole camera poking out of his shirt pocket.
    And that woman on the right she's got Mossad written all over her! Be aware. Beware!

    1. And, the rest of the people are aliens from outer space dropped from the UFO viewed yesterday in the middle-east ... :-)

  6. Once again Egypt has let itself be blindfolded. Instead of focussing on the real issues - the nature of the new regime, the ecoomy - it has been led into fighting the so-called traditional enemy Israel as well as the United States. Egypt should devote all its energies to ensuring that the new president and the new regime be fair and able to tackle its many problems including its relations with the world.

  7. 'Scare and control'is an old tactic used throughout history to CONTROL the masses.
    The most recent was launched by Bush creating a Cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security -- a move that sets into motion the largest reorganization of the federal government in more than half a century.
    Bush named Tom Ridge, who has been director of the White House Office of Homeland Security.
    This allowed government to spy on it's own people under the pretense of "security'.

  8. هي ايه نوع العده اللي مع الجاسوس؟

  9. Off-topic for this post but Zeinobia sometimes covers this sort of thing. In Tahrir Square, women protesting against sexual assault are groped and molested. Lara Logan and the blue bra woman are mentioned. A male activist is quoted as saying "Women activists are at the core of the revolution. They are the courage of this movement. If you break them, you break the spirit of the revolution."

  10. The actor in the advert is apparently Ahmed Ramah.

    Ahmed Ramah is an Egyptian cop!.

    Ahmed Ramah was schooled in Israel according to his Facebook page!

    Ahmed Ramah is a part time model.

    Here is actor and part time model Ahmed Ramah in his Egyptian police uniform.

    this tell you all you need to know about Shafik campaign

  11. I was quite shocked as I saw this ad some minutes ago. Does the ruling military council want to destroy tourism in Egypt indefinitely? The last thing this great country needs is another significant drop in tourism which will severely harm the economy. If this ad wouldn't be from the gouvernement I am sure the people involved would have been charged with harming national interests and blackmailing Egypts good image abroard. But obviously it is from an official source. Incredable.

    I see this vid as another attempt to abord the revolution by destroying the economic basis of Egypt. We see a campaign against revolutionary forces, against the muslim brotherhood eg. - the old regime is working still fine. We could see that at the aquittal of the police generals in the Mubarak trial, we could see this in Shafiqs high numbers at the election and now at this ad. In my opinion Egypt is at a very critical state right now.

    As someone living in Germany and traveling with my backpack in Egypt many times in the last decade I am deeply worried. Last winter the atmosphere in the countryside had changed completely compared to the time before #Jan 25. In the past everybody was very friendly to foreigners and I was invited to drink tea eg many, many times. This winter everybody was very sceptical and I felt not welcome at all. All these media reports blaming 'foreign fingers' for Egypts problems are doing great damage and severely harm tourism. I am afraid that, if the gouvernement continues like this, it will not take long time before the first tourists will get killed because someone thought they were spies.

    And what is the gouvernement doing? Airing TV-ads warning of foreign spies. There is obviously a not-so-hidden agenda working that does not care so much about tourism, about the egyptian economy, about a good future for all of us but for the saviore of the old regime and its interests in power.

  12. Associated Press reports that the don't-talk-to-foreigners spot has been pulled.

    Really, what a terrible idea to run it in the first place. A lot of tourists will think twice.

    In other news, Madonna showed her nipple in Istanbul.

  13. Oh, I'm so sorry for the brave citizens of Egypt. I feel like crying to read these things,but with Allah's blessings, this will be just a bad nightmare someday.
    Zeinobia, you are a blessing and also funny : ) A joy to read. I hope I'm not considered "spying" by communications with your blog. :(

  14. Egypt Parametes are so amazing and it is my wish to see it from inside Pakistan is also full of historical areas if you are interested you can get cheap flights to pakistan and explore many many historical areas more that 3000 years oldest.


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