Monday, July 16, 2012

And The first son is not clever enough !!

The results of Egyptian General secondary certificate “GSC” or “Thanawyya Ama” have been announced , millions of Egyptians will either be happy or sad tonight knowing the results of their kids. Some will sleep happy tonight while other will sleep sad and I think Abdullah Mohamed Morsi is from the later group as he got 75% only !!

Well he did better than his dad who got 52% in the elections Winking smile

Nevertheless to all those who got good grades as well bad grades , I dedicate this song , the official song of Thanawyya Ama Winking smile

Abdel Halim Hafez : El Nagah

The GSC scores enable students to enroll in prestigious faculties like medicine and political science and universities like Cairo. It is one of the most torturing educational system in the world that destroy teenagers mentally making them believe that their own future depends only on the GSC exams which is untrue.

By the way Youm 7  published the detailed results of Abdullah Morsi and honestly I feel this is a violation of privacy , why should I know that the president’s son is bad in math !? Already this shows that he was not given good grades just because he is the president’s son. The poor guy will be mocked , is already mocked online !!


  1. The Thanawyya Ama is an archaic machine that churns out 1000's of university bound students who memorized their way into passing these exams but have no pragmatic analytic abilities to think! Proof of this is there is not a single Egyptian University in the top 200 ranking universities in the world.

    1. You are absolutely right. The status of Egyptian Universities were much better in the sixties& seventies, when subject matters were taught in languages aligning with available references (mostly English), the last decade manu faculties started to dominantly use arabic. How students can use refrences for projects, or continue with their graduate education? If resarch and text books were using arabic, that is fine, otherwise the system drove egyptian students far behind compared to their older parents who werecomfortably moving from one country to another to learn.

  2. The ivy league universities in the US are so good because they are very rich, not because of the quality of the US education system [1]. These universities can therefore hire the best scientist of the world, and also give them very well equipped workplaces. Students have to pay enormous fees, and also go through difficult entrance tests. Once a student is accepted however, the university cares for him/her very much. This way the ivy league universities have world class research and also very successful graduates.

    [1] The eduction system of the US is average among industrialized countries, slightly worse than the German system, according to PISA. Unexpectedly for me, it is socially more just than the German system, which penalizes kids from poor families.


  3. I couldn't care less what Morsi's son got in his Thanawyya Ama ... however, if you put yourself forward to become President you can expect everything to go public, it comes with the job ... The poor guy.. how ridiculous, he's not poor and will be mocked either way, it comes with the territory.

  4. You know they have the same system in China, it's called 'big exam' and if your score is low you will not get into university and that's it. Also the necessary score is higher in areas with fewer universities - it's very hard to get to live in another 'area' outside your internal passport one. So cruel! I think this is one way the UK is the best country in the world - it's very easy to go back to school when you are older, any age, even to university, about 10% of university students are over 25. Well, i'm a lot more hardworking than i was when i was 18! Everyone deserves a second chance. In most of Europe you can stay at university forever, but here you have to pass each year and out, no hanging around. Switzerland give you x number of years free higher education you can spend how you want, which prevents the hanging around problem.

  5. concerning american universities: anyone can start one, and many have an 80%+ failure rate!!!! I didn't believe that at first, as here even 10% failure would probably see you shut down, but it's true. They have scams: they sell you the expensive loans if you sign up for their course, and then you owe them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if your child dies, you still have to pay back this debt, you can even lose everything, there are some horrible cases online. Better to have unoriginal students.

  6. It's probably the first president of Egypts child that has not had a result that has been bribed to the dean , rigged by the faculty or an exam sat by someone else so I say good on Ahmed.


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