Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And the People’s assembly is back .. Temporarily

The People assembly held its first session after it was reinstated by President Morsi on Sunday. The session was short one , it was held for less than two hours as the PA’s speaker Saad El Katanani decided to adjourn the session till the court of caseation as well the constitution court say their word about it’s the decision of Morsi and the constitutionality of  the people’s assembly

Now from what I understood there are several lawsuit against President’s Morsi decree in front of the the court of caseation.

El katanani adjourns the parliamentary session

Outside there were clashes between MB supporters and those who opposed the decision of Morsi. The behavior of MB supporters has become intolerable on online , anyone opposing the debatable decree of Morsi is a traitor and a regime remnant.  

Welcome to Egypt Post presidency , crises and lots of noise when we are so exhausted.

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