Saturday, July 28, 2012

Egypt in the #Olympics

And here is Egypt Olympic team in the amazing London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

I do not know why our Olympic committee does not think about a better outfit for our athletes ,at least women athletes inspired by our folklore when we have famous fashion designer Shahira Mahrez

Despite our rich culture , we are from the few country that did not celebrate its folklore in our outfits like Jordan.
The ceremony had beautiful scenes  like the women athletes of Saudi Arabia and the beautiful Libyan flag.
Saudi women athletes for the first time 

Libyan flag is back again 
The epic moment was to see Palestine in the ceremony recognized as a state.

All what I can about is that Danny Boyle deserves an OSCAR for this ceremony. It was great.


  1. Palestine as a participant is wonderful news indeed. As for fashion I felt envy watching the Moroccan team. None of the Ladies was wearing a niqab. That's a modern country! Saudi Arabia? You are joking? At least it is a beginning ...

  2. Palestine has had an Olympic squad since 1996.

  3. Good luck to all the athletes.

  4. Funny how no one gives a shit about Iraq.


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