Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#Syria Revolts : And Manaf speaks at last

And Manaf Tlass at last spoke and made a statement for the public from Paris about his defection short awhile ago in a video that was aired exclusively on Al Arabiya TV channel. “Nothing on Al Jazeera , which is interesting”
Tlass says that he is speaking to the people as a member of the Syrian Arab army that refuses the practices of that corrupted regime “!!!” who wants a new United Syria that does not know revenge or exclusion “I heard that before in Egypt”. As a proud Syrian who served in the Syrian Arab army that got good honorable people that did not kill or insult any Syrian to apologize for the crimes committed against their own people.The most important part is how Manaf said that those good SAA officers were an extension to the Free Syrian army in a clear recognition to that resistance army.

The opposition has received  the statement as balanced good one despite some are skeptical and they have to regarding the role of that man.
Now as an Egyptian I can not keep myself from acting as an Egyptian and wonder how this man was a commander in the Syrian Arab army , he is like Amr Hamazawy of SAA. “Egyptians will relate !!” I saw Egyptian officers and generals from Republican guards and they do not like that at all.
Unfortunately the blood rivers in Syria continued and over 100 were killed as it has become in the past three weeks. Already 30 Syrians have been killed in a mosque near  Hama in a new massacre tonight according to Reuters. 
On the other hand the FSA announced today an Egyptian fighter Mohamed Ibrahim El Sheikh has been killed earlier today in Reef Dimshaq by El Assad regime forces. All what we know about him is that he is from Upper Egypt governorates. He is not the only Egyptian fighting there nor the first Egyptian got killed there.
Late Ibrahim El Sheikh May Allah bless his soul
Already some Salafists in Egypt believe that there are thousands of Egyptian fighters there, of course I highly doubt that there are thousands but it is confirmed that there are Libyan freedom fighters there in Syria along other nationalities some of them are jihadists.
Speaking about Jihadists , this video found its way online and thanks to tweep Hamam Farouk I found it . A group of Jihadists with Al Qaeda black flag controlling Bab El Hawa crossing between Syria and Turkey claiming that they will establish an Islamist state in Syria !!!
This is not good.


  1. What I'm amazed is how few men FSA seems to have, considering how many refugees there are. Wikipedia states that there are "1.5 million displaced and refugees", how come FSA has not been able to create training camps if this really is popular armed resistance?

    I think FSA should be renamed to gain support of minorities. "Democratic Syrian Army" perhaps? Also they should more vocally call for inclusive army, inviting other sects in it.

  2. Deb, Phoenix Az.7/25/2012 07:42:00 PM

    Well, what do you think Zee? Do you think that the CIA with Turkey & Israel are behind support with guns, weapons, etc of the Black Flag folks? Isn't there an old saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend?"

  3. Israel doesn't like whats happening one bit, thats obvious. Nothing makes them more uncomfortable than turmoil on their borders. At some point, you have accept the majority don't want
    Assad, so unless he kill 3/4 of the population, he will lose ground and Russia & Iran will be powerless to do anything to stop that. Syria is a very special situation unlike any other.

    A slow but steady rebellion, that I think even terrifies the US.
    The world has never seen anything like this. They are getting some weapons from defectors. They have jihadists & salafists in their ranks. A year ago noone would have predicted this. Assad played his little games in Lebanon, now Syria is turning into Lebanon. Harriris ghost is watching over Assad, the little games are over. Powerless to help, powerless to stop it. Powerless thats what they all are- all the countries.


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