Friday, July 20, 2012

#Syria Revolts : It is Ramadan for the revolutionaries

From a year ago I remember how El Assad regime stormed Hama committing a horrible massacre that was only the start of violent escalation of using force to crack down the Syrian revolution on the first day of Ramadan.Now after one year El Assad lost many of his men who planned and executed Ramadan Hama massacre and many believe that he may not complete his Ramadan as a president of Syria.A lot of things can change in one year.
Here is Damascus in the first day of Ramadan

Now the news of the day is how the Ambassador of Russia in Paris reportedly told BBC that Bashar El Assad wants to step down in civilized way , a very important statement that was shortly denied by The official Syrian TV claiming that the Ambassador of Russia did not say that. Whether the ambassador said this or not , the civilized way when it comes to El Assad is to prosecute him internationally in front of the ICC. Needless to say many Syrians think of killing El Assad in Qaddadfi style.
Officially Russia denied that Asmaa El Assad is currently in Moscow.
The number of refugees from Syria entering Lebanon is increasing rapidly and crazy according to Lebanese government sources not less 30,000 cars from Syria entered Lebanon in the past 48 hours.
The FSA decided to withdraw from Al Midan neighborhood to save the locals there. I am afraid it was expected because despite the victories the FSA achieved in those three days it needs to re-organize its powers after all Damascus is still under El Assad and his army's control. Already people are afraid that th republican guards will commit crimes against the locals after the warnings of Official Syrian tv that Militants wearing republican guards customs will attack them.
From Syria's Christians to its Muslim
Ramadan Mubarak 
Now there are two Ramadans in Syria , the FSA and revolutionary forces' Ramadan that will start today along with several Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt while El Assad regime's Ramadan that will start on Saturday like Iran in a very big irony that reminded me with Qaddafi regime.
The FSA's Iftar "Breakfast" today 
The Syrian Kurds with the help of Kurdish parties from Kurdistan have liberated today the towns of Kobani and Amudah. Nobody paid attention to this in mainstream media, now I am so alarmed , Syrians a lot of challenges to keep their country united officially for real. The protesters in Kobani celebrated the liberation of their towns waving Kurdistan's flag !!

Allegedly taken today 
Yesterday the Free Syrian army announced its control on the Syrian Turkish borders as well Syrian Iraqi borders in a very big development according to the statements of Iraqi ministry of interior.
Here is a video  showing the control of FSA rebels forces on the Syrian Turkish borders.
In not very big surprise the Muslim brotherhood of Syria announced that it is going to found a political party after the fall of El Assad, this sounds familiar.
Yesterday also while the world was watching Damasacus and its developments as well UN security council and its developments not less than 200 Syrians have been killed in the clashes in other Syrian towns and cities in the country. The shelling of Homs has not stopped yet. Today El Rastan , Daraa and Talbisah in Homs got their share.
Here is a horrible video showing a family from Daraa killed today due to the shelling that targeted their car
"Extremely Graphic"

Here is a video allegedly filmed in EL Rastan , Homs showing tanks shelling the city today.

Here is extremely graphic video from Deir Ez Zor where a whole family celebrated the first of Ramadan in the hospital , some of them are dead and some are injured.

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