Sunday, July 1, 2012

We need a real official Explanation from the army

During the ceremony held by the army to honor newly elected President Mohamed Morsi there was that shocking moment when millions of Egyptian viewers saw a torn Egyptian flag carried by a helicopter in that air forces or rather helicopters' parades.
The torn flag "twitter"
As quickly this shot appeared on TV shocking the viewers and made them feel that they are being insulted.
This moment was not only a shock to millions of viewers from Egypt around the globe but also a huge insult to the Egyptian army and its heroes from veterans and martyrs that gave their lives for the sake of this flag !!
After couples of hours we find claims in social networks that this flag was actually the flag that was raised on the Western Bank of the Suez canal on October 6th ,1973 after the crossing of the Egyptian forces to restore Sinai.
If it were the 1973 flag , why they did not announce it on TV !? Already we can know very simply if it is the 1973 flag or not by checking the Yellow Birdie in the middle. In 1973 the Yellow birdie was the famous Hawk of Quresih
Our flag during the 1973 war "Wikipedia" 
While our current flag’s Yellow Birdie is the 1958 version of the Famous Saladin Eagle.
The current flag 
We need to see which birdie it is in that torn flag.
Let me get this straight the 1973 flag that was raised on the other bank of Suez canal is a holy thing for all Egyptians and if it were 1973 flag that was sunk in the precious blood of our forces , then it was a true smart move but why they did not say that !??
I think this is huge and we need an official explanation from the armed forces regarding this flag.
If it is mistake then you should announce it and punish those responsible for that horrible mistake publicly because we will not accept any insult to our flag from anyone.
We did not accept that the Egyptian flag to be insulted in Tahrir by having other flags and we will not accept any insult to it from anyone.
Read more about the history of the Egyptian flag here.


  1. They're at it again, raping blonde Western journalists in Tahrir Square.

    1. We know it was spread in the media and I do not know what we can do more than we are doing from screaming in the media in this stage

    2. Good day Zee ,
      Yes there is sexual harrasment in Cairo streets and a lot should be done to stop / punish those animals .. There is a famous video on youtube for one of the incidents .. But the story told this time & Lara Logan's are far more beyond what could happen .. Respect to both of them and useless appologies for what they suffered .. but sorry again some parts of both stories are unbelievable..
      Deepest regards ,

  2. If it really is the 1973 flag - a historical artefact - it should be in a museum being treated well,not flown around and subject to damage!

  3. I really hope this is irony.

  4. This same helicopter passed my home in El Rehab on it's way to the ceremony and I took a photograph of it. The flag wasn't ripped then, it obviously happened on the way- I can send you the photograph if you wish. No drama, no was just an accident that it ripped.

  5. This same helicopter passed my home in El Rehab on it's way to the ceremony. I took a photograph of it as it was incredible to see. It wasn't ripped at the time- I can send you the photograph to show you. Stop making a drama...there was no insult intended, it was an unfortunate mishap.

  6. It wasn't just the flag - the entire event, and indeed the entire "transition" period, were shambolic.

  7. I don't understand, why you so much fuzz about that torn flag, my Dear. Since when is anything perfect in Egypt? They misjudged the power of the wind, had no spare flag, so it tore apart. Bad luck :-D


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