Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#25S : What is taking place in #Spain !?

It seems to me that Madrid is on fire , today thousands of protesters encircled the Spanish Congress in Madrid in huge danger and the Spanish anti-riot forces seemed to have some training in Egypt and beat the crap out of the protesters !!! Just see the pictures I found in the #25S hashtag. According to Spanish tweeps the number of injured are 65 so far , it is amazing considering the amount of violence I see in the photos and videos. Many protesters have been arrested.

The police managed to push the protesters 2 KM away from the Congress and I can not believe that this is happening in European country to be honest !!
The Spanish government and people got too many challenges whether economically or politically. The bad economy forces the government to go for austerity measures refused by the people and you got Catalonia demanding their independence . By the way not the Catalans want to split but it seems that there is trouble in Andalusia.
Ironically and Sadly enough I know about the Catalonia’s threats of independence and spilt from football manic in Egypt. I remember that our Spanish teacher at Instituto Cervantes in Cairo told us about the whole Catalan thing from several years ago.
By the way the Spanish chose 25 September :)
The Spanish will continue protesting , you do not beat people like that and expect them to be silent. If you want to follow it on twitter , please do on #Volvemos26s


  1. Don't miss the end of the video "Choque entre policía y manifestantes en Neptuno, cerca del Congreso (25/09/2012)" where they gave that cop a royal ass-kicking. Haha, poor guy.

  2. Zenobia, we only reached democracy about 30 years ago. We still have many people thinking that the old regime was much better, closed minded people who would be delighted if the freedom, state of welfare and rights that we enjoy now is only for privileged people. We suffered a long dictatorship (Franco) and the new goverment is formed by descendants of the ones who were in power in the era of Franco. After spending some time in Egypt i can find many similarities to the times of the dictatorship we had (not lived myself but told by the elders).

    Thanks for covering this news.


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