Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#6Oct1973 : It is never late to honor them

On the occasion of the 6 October 1973 war anniversary President Morsi has awarded both late President Sadat and General Saad El Shazly today the Order of the Nile, Egypt’s highest state honor after decades of neglect.
Morsi awarded late General El Shazly the Order of the Nile for his role in 1973 according to Presidential decree No.238 after nearly 35 years of neglect and neglect. El Shazly was awarded by Sinai Star but it was taken during Mubarak’s era. The family of El Shazly received the order of the Nile , his wife  Mrs. Zeinat and his daughters.
El Shazlys receiving the general's Order of the Nile 
El Shazly’s wife Mrs.Zeinat burst in to tears,I can imagine why.
Morsi awarded Sadat both the Nile order and the Star of Honor which is the biggest military order in Egypt after 30 years. Anwar Sadat’s son Gamal Sadat received the honor alone and he was so touched to the level I felt that he was going to cry.
Gamal Sadat receiving his dad's president Sadat Order of the Nile 
I am not surprised at all. He believes that his father being recognized after 30 years of neglect. I am shocked that Sadat did not have the order of the Nile.

 I wonder if El Shazlys met with Gamal Sadat and if they did , I wonder how it went !!? Ironically both men are honored on the same day despite their fight. Of course some El Shazly’s fans especially from Nasserites , Nationalists and even some Islamists are shocked on how dare Morsi honored the two men on the same day. Most of Morsi’s opponents from Sadat’s supporters wondered how he would honor the guy while he and the Muslim brotherhood did condemn his assassins but rather set them free in reference to Gama’a Al Islamiyaa members “who actually were set free , at least those directly convicted in Sadat’s assassination in time of SCAF” and extremists in general.
I believe it was a smart move from Morsi , he won many people today from Sadat’s fans “mostly from couch party” and from Shazly’s fans from “Pro-Revolutionaries”.
Tonight both families are truly happy and I am happy for them and for those two men. Let’s stop debating for once.


  1. Hallehuia! a positive post on Morsi

    Egypt is healing and moving forward at last

  2. This is a very touching moment. I wonder who is behind this idea of honouring them including the great general (Lt. General now) Gala Hardiy, the founder of Egyptian Commandos.

  3. I'm surprised too, at President Sadat, being neglected all these decades when Mubarak, was his VP during his assassination.

    Oh well, better late then never, imo.

    Visited the Alexandria Library exhibit of President Sadat's office, his bloody uniform hanging there, his well worn pipes, etc. His favorite Desk.
    It was very moving....on my last trip in 2011 March and I'm glad to got to see it then.


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