Thursday, October 4, 2012

#Syria : Big things always start small

Last Monday October 1, 2012 something took place in Qardaha , the home town of Syrian President/tyranny Bashar Al Assad and his infamous clan , the Alawite stronghold in the mountains of Latakia.
8 people have been killed in the city of Qardaha after a fight between "El Assad clan" and two other clans in the city "Othman and El Khayar". There are two versions of the story as usual.
The first version is popular among many some Sunni Syrians who can't stomach the Alawites : 
It has nothing to do with the revolution but rather with the regime thugs "Shabiha" hired by El Assad regime. Allegedly the two families supplies Mohamed El Assad , another member of the infamous ruling clan with men who worked as thugs for the regime and they got in to fight for something financial !! It seems that Mohamed El Assad did not pay them well.
The second version which is popular among Alawite Syrians who support the revolution  : 
It has to do with the revolution and political differences between "Othman" and "El Khayar" clans from one side and "El Assad" clan from another.
Mohamed El Assad is believed to be the main source of Shabiha in the country and amazingly from couple of weeks I read that he was killed by Free Syrian army some where !!
The family of Othman is related to  Ramy Makhlouf , El Assad's cousin and big crony. Makhlouf's father in uncle is former Daraa's governor and member of Othman clan Walid Othman .
The Othman clan has already lost 5 in that armed fight last Monday according to Syrian Alawite activist and writer Samar Yazbek on  her Facebook Page. Yazbek is from the famous Alawite voices supporting the revolution that has been calling her sect to revolt against El Assad. She is also from Othamn clan and wrote this status message on Facebook on Monday that was copied by Alawites in the revolution FB page :
El Khayar family on the other is said to refuse to engage in the current war refusing to let its youth to carry
The family of El Khayar is influential one among Alawites in the city as I have read.
I do not know why I believe that the second version is true , may be because it is supported by more concrete testimonies on the ground.

There is no doubt that the big families and clans of Alawites are worried about the future and they want to secure their lives before anything.Some Alawites already on the borders began to leave the country fearing on their lives and moved to Turkey on the borders as they are considerable
Already there are many Alawites who stand with the revolution but unfortunately they are not featured in the media. You got endless number of Alawite activists and intellectuals that have been killed , detained and tortured for supporting the revolution. You got Alawite officers who defected and joined the Free Syrian army in various areas.
Here is a video from last May 2012 for an officer called Faisal Al Ahmed from Qardaha who defected from the SAA and joined Al Farouk Battalion in Daraa.

Here are more videos in YouTube for Alawite soldiers and officers defected. 
 You got also Alawite officers who defected from the army and worked in relief work.Tens of Alawite officers already are reported to be executed in the Syrian Arab army for supporting the revolution. These officers return to their families and clans as victims of the Free Syrian Army's terrorism.
Last month I read that a group of young men and ladies were detained from Alawite neighborhoods because they were providing help to Sunni areas in Homs city. Again many of the intellectuals in Syria supporting the revolution from religious and ethnic minorities are being detained in the infamous dungeons of El Assad's regime.
The media especially the Arab media like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya presented the whole thing as sectarian holy war between Sunni and Shiite that is leading to a real ethnic/sectarian cleansing in Syria with the approval of the world I am afraid.
Of course unfortunately some Sunni Syrian Pro-Revolutionaries online are mocking and attacking Qardaha vowing to wipe the Alawites from the surface of earth. Instead of useless sectarian talk that makes the world afraid of helping the Syrians , the Pro-revolutionary Syrians should seize the opportunity and use these splits in order to win the Alawites in to their side.
The Syrians have to be honest with themselves and say what they will do with the Shiite and Alawites as well other sects and Ethnics in the country. Of course I will be more honest and say that either they should find a way to sort their way out and leave together as they have always been or they will perish together  like fools. I am sorry to say this way. BY the Kurdish Syrians are tempted to join Kurdistan.
Excuse my French but with the number of people killed and displaced someone has to speak.
At the same moments things are rapidly escalating between Turkey and Syria , we should not forget about what happened in Qardaha earlier this week. 


  1. Good information Z. Of course, many Allawites are muslims & human beings and they can't support the inhuman actions of the Assad regime to stay in power.

    Also, it is odd that Hezbollah freedom fighters are now fighting against freedom for Syrians.

  2. Justice begins with Truth, and truth is #AssadKilled33k and should be tried in international criminal court to be prosecuted for systematic mass atrocities against civilians. There is no good reason to allow these crimes against humanity to continue!! Its an OUTRAGE how world leaders do nothing as the entire world watching peaceful protest turn into massacre after massacre, week after week, for nearly 19 months! #Shame #Bystanders for #World #History


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