Thursday, October 4, 2012

The best photo indeed to represent #Egypt

This photo won the first prize in a photo competition held by the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs.

It was taken by the embassy of Netherlands in Cairo at the famous Friday market "Flea popular market". 
This photo is remarkable , old mirror used to be at some rich house in Egypt , a kid seems to be from working class and the iconic Nasr128 car in the reflection all in a flea market !! 

One must wonder if the Ministry of foreign affairs in Egypt can hold such competition for our diplomatic commissions abroad.


  1. The only thing that really separates countries are it's customs and traditions. That I find interesting. But so much is unseen and not reported.

  2. And don't forget the (what I assume is a) tourist in the background!

  3. Where is this flea market and can you give directions to it and when it is open please. I want to buy that boy! : )


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