Sunday, October 14, 2012

#6Oct73 : Wings of wrath “Full documentary”

As today marks one of The national day of the Egyptian air forces , I proudly present you the full documentary of “Wings of wrath”

A great documentary with great content. I am so proud of our pilots regardless what. Again this documentary should be translated in to English ASAP. This is the first part again.
I presented the first 15 minutes of the documentary earlier this month. It turned out that last week ONTV presented it completely.

Today marks the famous battle of Al Mansoura between Egyptian air forces and Israeli air forces. I think this is the best way to celebrate one of the biggest dogfights Egyptian skies have ever witnessed.
The heroes of Mansoura battle
We are speaking about 53 minutes fight between 160 Israeli jets “Phantom and Skyhook” and 62 Egyptian jets “Meg-21”. Israel wanted to target the airbases in Tanta, Mansour and Salahiya in Delta. The results : 17 Israeli jets were shot down vs. 6 Egyptian jets.

I remember that from couple of years Israeli government received some bodies of Israeli pilots from that battle from Nile delta after all those years.


  1. Worth to add that many Western historians disprove the story of battle of Al Mansoura and EAF in general.

    Including Kenneth Pollack or Lon Nordeen.

    After all even Shazly indirectly suggested that when he said Muby had faked successes of EAF in order to boost his magnificence.

    1. Well you got the pilots themselves with names and records , Mubarak did not claim that he is the hero of that battle , he claimed that he is the hero of the first strike on October 6th
      By the way there are British historians who contributed in that documentary posted above


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