Sunday, October 28, 2012

#EgyFarmers : They Only want Water

Ahram Online’s Nada El Kouny wrote extremely alarming report about the trouble small scale farmers in Fayoum governorate are currently facing. Here is a video report with translation showing the problem of these farmers.

These farmers do not want anything except water , they do not want money or another demands except water for their own land. This is so simple. I think President Morsi as a man who originated from a family of farmers knows exactly what these people have been through in the past ten years.

How many farmers in Egypt want only water for their land ?? I fear too many. Please make some noise for their farmers as much you can. Already I can not believe this happens in Fayoum .

Now I am begging bloggers and citizen journalists around Egypt to go and to do similar reports about the problems they are facing in their governorates.


  1. excellent post and initiative maybe you could contact the seed bombing group to help also to spread the word

  2. Not so "simple" as you say, since the water has been stolen by big business. Favoring the small farmers and workers against the businesses is in effect socialism, something which you have never supported. Your support for farmers is nothing more than sentimental paternalism, they are the victims of a callous business, of a system designed in every way to favor the rich ... not so "simple", not so easy to bring social justice to Egypt.

  3. This is not a simple problem, it is the result of systemic unfairness, you don't simply truck in lorry loads of water..... if these farmers are to be relieved then the policy that favors businessmen over the poor must be reversed, these poor farmers must count as much as the rich count. This is not so in Egypt and to put it right requires socialist measures, something you have never supported. In that case your calls to help the farmers is nothing more than sentimental paternalism, the same in kind as people give to starving dogs though they would never invite such dogs into their homes, nor give over their beds for the dogs to sleep in, beside them as equals. The real victims of all those years of oppression in Egypt.. are the poor! They need the rights to assert their rights on their own, they do not need the patronizing approval of the middle classes! When the farmers have political power they will take back the water.


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