Friday, October 19, 2012

Regarding tahrir square and #Mubarak regime remnants

Today thousands of Non Islamist opposition supporters protested in Tahrir square against the constituent assembly and its proposed draft constitution. About 29 revolutionary party , movement and group took part in the protest which was called “Egypt is for all Egyptians , Egypt is not estate”.
Already a number of Mubarak /Shafik/ Omar Suleiman’s supporters including notorious Tawfik Okasha and Ahmed Zpider insisted to join this protest claiming that the square , the symbol of the revolution which they fought and attacked for the past year and half is for all Egyptians !!
Despite the revolutionary forces declared their complete refusal to have these supporters in the square in a statement issued on Thursday and despite the revolutionary protesters kicked them from the square today , there has been a huge debate about this topic in the past 48 hours.
“ We welcome all Egyptians in Tahrir square , We should stand against the Muslim brotherhood one hand…” are examples of what the Pro-Regime remnants , actually the pro-regime remnants said online.
Personally I believe in unity and Egypt for all Egyptians to the end of this great talk but I have a huge personal psychological problem with certain class of people from regime remnants and Mubarak supporters to the level that I do not want them even pass by Tahrir square for any reason. I have a huge problem with those whom for the past year and half fought the revolution and its young supporters spreading lies and defaming them in the worst way ever reaching to the level of accusing the Tahrir revolutionaries by name of treason and calling the Jan25 Revolution a Setback “equal to the 1967 defeat”
I will not forget the amount of incitement, hate and lies ,Tawfik Okasha and Ahmed Zpider spread in the streets against the revolutionary forces and icons.
I will not forget how their supporters online , on Facebook and on twitter used to spread their lies wishing the revolutionary protesters to die and get killed. I will not forget that and now they want to be welcomed in Tahrir square , Tahrir square my ass !!!
Young men , wonderful young men have been killed and their blood fill literality Tahrir square , Omar Makram , Kasr Al Aini , Al Abassiya and Mohamed Mahmoud street  because of that incitement while all the country was watching in silence those people’s incitement.
Those Mubarak and Omar Sulieman’s orphans simply do not want a religious dictatorship but rather a military dictatorship. They are against the social justice for real , they do not give a fuck about the constitution as they supported Mubarak’s constitution and its amendments. They do not really want personal freedoms when they abused and shared the personal lives of Tahrir activists and revolutionaries in order to defame them in a society like Egypt’s.
I can not forget how certain Pro-Mubarak tweeps who have been attacking Tahrir and its activists and yet boldly claim that they should be in Tahrir square protesting against the MB.
You must know that it is from the best interest of the Muslim brotherhood to have regime Mubarak’s remnants and icons like Okasha in the scene in order to present them as the opposition they face. It is much easier for them to face someone like ElBaradei.
Of course I must hint out to the Muslim brotherhood’s supporters who are claiming that the liberals and leftists are cooperating with Mubarak’s regime remnants that “People who live in glass house should throw people with stones” , President Morsi himself accepted having a minister of interior from the regime remnants and editors in chief from regime remnants in the State owned newspapers. President Morsi’s adviser is Amr El Lithy , the former NDP’s member.
President’s adviser and MB’s financier Hassan Malek’s businessmen association got members from Gamal Mubarak’s policies committee and he himself does not have a problem in reconciling with the old regime corrupted businessmen in order to push the economy from his point of view.
Today in the general assembly of Freedom and Justice Party the leading member of NDP , Media and business tycoon Hassan Ratab was the guest of honor !!
FYI I do not give myself an excuse to form an alliance with those who caused Egypt’s decline in the past 30 years because the MB is actually friendly to the remnants of Mubarak and his era. 
In the end the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.
P.S I am not fucking mature , I am a human who had her share of being accused of treason for a whole year and a half because I support a revolution that seeks dignity , democracy and social justice.Also I am against the attack on the Conference Party’s members.


  1. I fully agree with you Zeinobia.Would also like to stress,very pragmatically,the danger of joining forces with "opportunists"!Those have no principles nor values nor beliefs.They'll sing your song for a purpose and then sell you cheap!

  2. It is all about momentum and egypt has always had a hard time seizing any. Rev is History at this poin,t a worse nightmare is ahead of you and you better be more effective at mobilizing all. Go for a temporary'Hudna' since you all love your country soo much rather than seeing it totally evaporate....#pfffhhh

  3. And the MB are not opportunists??? My goodness they're worse than anything Mubarak dished out ever and I despised him and everything he and his cronies stood for .. not only do the MB cater to their own requirements ONLY, they don't know the meaning of "principles" AND they lie consistently... moreover they are intent on taking our beloved Egypt back to the dark ages. We got rid of Mubarak once before we can do it again if necessary but we will never get rid of the MB virus.

  4. Regarding EGYPT. The demo in tahrir yesterday was reported in the egyptian press as

    "Dozens already began arriving in the square early on Friday morning." Later numbers "swelled into the hundreds" and the last reports managed to imply it reached a few thousand.

    And in the name of Egpyt you say "Personally I believe in unity and Egypt for all Egyptians" but you say you "have a huge personal psychological problem with certain class of people from regime remnants and Mubarak supporters". You also have a huge problem with the MB and their ilk. And a a huge problem with Salfists. hmmm ok

    Even the few hunderd in tahrir square started to fight amongst themselves a la monty python.

    See a trend here?

    I actually like you (or the character of you project on your blog) but I think you need to be more self critical and less judgemental of others. Cycnical by all means but constructive and unjudgemental.

    A secular (in the sense of anti religious) opposition is a non-starter in Egypt. A thoughtful secular leaning political movement is needed. It is not going to be tierd old nasserist or left leaning groupings they are the past as is Mubarakism. I would hope that in time the MB will also recede into the background and a more vibrant politcal arena develop from the younger, enthusiastically islamic but politically secular individuals. Of course we are not in Switzerland or Paris. There is a distinct lack of political maturity. However what Fridays demos indicated is the inability of any group seeking to curb the role of Islam in Egypt to muster strong support. We need a strong egyptian youth movement basing itself ON THE ROLE OF ISLAM in Egypt but articulating the sorts of checks and balances required within the state for religious diversity within a proudly Islamic state.

  5. The Tahrir Square debacle reached the shores of America when it was reported a French journalist, a woman was attacked. More bad press for tourism to return soon, may be just a dream for many.
    from the article:
    Referring in English to a colleague, she tweeted: "Thanks to (at)ashrafkhalil for protecting me in (hash)Tahrir last nite. Mob was pretty intense. thanks to him I escaped from the unleashed hands."

    "It didn't feel organized or targeted. It felt disorganized," he said. "I felt angry. I love Tahrir. I have a lot of nostalgia for Tahrir. I am still angry. I know this is not the first time this happened; it happened to other people I know. Still, it was a shock."

  6. Ahmed Ezz al Arab from Al Wafd was on Nile International TV last night.
    He quoted 17 billion Saudi riyals has been given by Saudi since 2009 to the Wahabi leaning Egyptian salafists!!!!!!.

    Clearly Al Saud is interfering in Egyptian affairs and it should be broadcast loudly that they are.
    Secondly Wahabism Salafism or whatever you want to call it will drag Egypt down into the darkest hole which it will never be able to climb out of again.

    Egyptian need to be rejecting this fanatical ideology big time!! If ever there was a need for a demo in Tahrir it is now to reject Wahabi and salafist nut cases who are well funded and gaining strength each day!! The focus should be squarely on them!!!


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