Saturday, October 20, 2012

Remembering Mohamed Fawzi

My favoirte Fawzi´s shot in the summer 
Mohamed Fawzi was only 48 years old when he died on that died from 46 years ago. He died after giving the world music that Egyptians and Arabs still enjoy up till this moment.
As a composer and a singer Fawzi did not live that long but he presented music that proved to live decades and decades immortalizing him in our Egyptian history as one of the greatest Artists Egypt had seen in the 20th century. As an actor he was from the few cool funny guys that you can enjoy watching on screen.
Here is my favorite Fawzi’s song : Let’s fly my heart from the 1954 film “With you forever”
The fantastic legendary Hussein El Sayid wrote the lyric and music composed and performed by the amazing Fawzi. His voice was amazing and sweet in that song. By the way this was the first song I had downloaded as a MP3 from the famous old before it would be acquired by LinkDotNet

Now some interesting facts about Fawzi :
  • He composed the national anthems of several Arab countries in 1950s and 1960s
  • He founded the first company in the Middle East to manufacture and record LPs “Misr Phone” that was nationalized in 1960s. Its nationalization affected him so much.

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