Sunday, October 21, 2012

#EgyConstitution : Let’s read the Draft-1

The constituent assembly issued the first draft of the constitution , the so-called revolution’s constitution online for public debate. Here is the first part of the draft constitution translated in to English by Ahmed Aboul Enein. The People’s assembly will be called “The Congress” and the Shura council will be called “The senates” Yes this is huge change !!!
I will not comment on the personal freedoms and religious freedoms now because it seems they are the tip of the ice-berg and what it is even worse has been hidden from public discussion. Here is a quick look to the President’s powers and articles in the upcoming constitution :
  • There is no vice president position in the upcoming constitution, it is not mentioned at all despite it has been a stressing revolutionary demand for decades !! I want a vice president.
  • Our political system is a presidential one !! It seems that the Muslim brotherhood feels and realizes that they may not get the majority of the parliament in the future.
  • Double citizenships Egyptians can run for presidency so can Egyptians with double citizenships parents according to article no.136 that contradicts with the Constitutional declaration’s article no.27 that put a clear restriction on candidacy. Despite many believed it was a racist article yet I think it saved us from Hazem Salah Abu Ismail.
  • The president can disband the parliament in case the parliament rejects his prime minister and cabinet twice according to article no.145 !!
  • The president can appoint and fire army officers according to the law according to article no.149. Define “according to the law”
  • The president got a parliamentary immunity and protection all his life , he can not be prosecuted in his life except if he is arrested red handed !!!
  • All the expenses of the presidency and following authorities are supervised by Central Audit Organization “CAO” according to article no. 154 “CAO” chairman follows Presidency and appointed by the president !!!!
We are making the president as Pharaoh idol perfectly constitutionally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next Tuesday the administrative court will issue its final verdict in the Constituent assembly case , it may disband the constituent assembly again.
You must know according to sources in Presidency , Morsi will issue a president decree if the administrative court disbands the assembly to reform it again with the same names except very few changes and faces.
By the way the Islamsits are going to have a huge million man protest which they will mobilize all their men and women to attend in Tahrir square next 2 November 2012 in order to push for a so-called Islamist Constitution !!
Ok from my blog I say we should restore back the Constitution of 1954 with few amendments and that’s it. No need for new constituent assembly and shitty discussions wasting the public money and by the way for those radical Islamists , our laws are complied with Islamic Sharia and even those disputed , the dispute is also based on different schools in Sharia so enough of this talk. In part 2 insh Allah I will check the National security part.


  1. For Egypt to get out of the hole it is digging itself deeper into each day it needs to adopt the French Constitution simple as that. Enough of the religious nonsense already!!! Secular modern and if the beards want to have the heads chopped off square then they should find another country to live in ie Saudi!

  2. Yes yes please bring Egypt back 10 million years by adding religion in the constitution. Starting to think Shafik would have been better devil!!!!!!!!


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