Sunday, October 21, 2012

The letter is authentic ya People !!

I can not believe that some people are still debating that the Protocol letter sent by to president Morsi to Peres is fake one !! I just can not believe it !!
Guys the Egyptian presidency sent that letter , it is a protocol letter with the same form for all the countries in the world.

The Egyptian presidency already admitted that it was authentic and Yasser Ali , the official spokesperson of Presidency posted on his official Facebook Page on Thursday a copy of the protocol letter sent from the Egyptian presidency to the president of Peru with our new ambassador there and it is identical to the letter sent to Peres. 
The letter to Peruvian President
The letter to Israeli president
 You are shocked that the Islamist MB president who is raised in the brotherhood upon recognizing Israel as the Zionist entity which should be wiped , fine but do not accuse me of fabricating news please !! 

Many people are shocked by the language of the letter and they have too considering how the Muslim brotherhood involved in the Palestinian cause since 1948 yet I am not that shocked because honestly as a president I know that his language will not be different that much especially in this early stage of his rule.

In the end yes he called Peres a dear friend , I do not care if he calls Peres his buddy or baby but my problem is that Israel refuses to amend Camp David and it seems to be steal gas from Egyptian territorial sea !! 


  1. If you knew the symptoms of mental illness, you would not be shocked, you'd be alarmed.

  2. I didn't believe that Mursi is stupid enough to sign such a letter, but he was. I didn't think that the presidency and the foreign minstry have so many idiots, but they do. We are not living new times and no one there know that we just had a revolution.

    I don't like the format of this letter, and I certainly hate the wordings. It is a stupid letter to send to any leader, man or woman, president or prime minster. To send it to anyone in the Zionist state is a disgusting lie. Even if they don't steal our gas, continue to occupy Palestinian lands and starve and slaughter more Palestinians, they will never be our dear friends. Those who say otherwise can't be Egyptians or Arabs.


  3. @Anonymous10/21/2012 07:05:00 PM:They don't steal your gas, they buy it at a mutually agreed rate. If you don't like it, cancel the deal or renegotiate.


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