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#Kuwait : This is big change in the #Gulf "Updated"

There is a huge change taking place in the Gulf , after Bahrain , we got Kuwait and actually it is something expected.
At iconic Kuwait towers by @Al Rai Media
Hundreds of thousands Kuwaitis took the streets today in the capital in a rally that head to the parliament then to the Royal Palace to object the elections law proposed by the Prince.
This is really big rally by @Thariimb
The rally is called “Nation’s dignity” according to its organizers.

That controversial elections law is already refused by almost all political powers from Islamists “Muslim brotherhood and Salafists” to liberals to women to Shiites to Bedouins and Badoons as well. The protesters chanted “We will not allow you” tonight in reference to the Prince’s law.
According to some estimation , this rally could be by far the biggest political protest Kuwait has ever seen considering the population of Kuwait itself.
The rally's map "@Karametwatan"
The security forces dispersed the protest violently using tear gases and rubber bullets in huge development despite this rally was licensed and is peaceful.
Against  security forces at the parlliament "@FahadAlMaymoni"

The tear gas used  in the protest
Foreign tear gas grenades as usual @ali_boal7sn
There have been confirmed injured reports. Most injuries are in the head. There has been unconfirmed news report about dead protest.
One of the injured by @ 3asalaswad
This injured allegedly lost his eye
There are field hospitals currently held in several areas throughout the rally. It is worth to mention that there are tweeps claiming that protesters are being arrested from hospitals.
At one of the field hospitals near the sea @Sumaiya Al Senan

Women have been attacked also in the protest.
The black Abbaya of some girl @ 3asalaswad
The Kuwaiti army is said to be deployed including the special forces that allegedly arrest protesters from the malls where they escaped.
Here is a video showing how the special forces stormed “El Tahrir tower” mall “Yes El Tahrir” to arrest the protesters !!

Arresting protesters from malls

Several politicians including MPs have been arrested tonight like Moslam Al Bark.
There have been unconfirmed reports from Egyptian MB sources also that the Kuwaiti authorities asked ISPs to cut internet tonight but allegedly “Etisalat Kuwait” refused. The thing is that Etisalat Kuwait is not the only ISP in the country.
Some users are reporting that “Kolena Khaled Said” on mobile phone , at least for Zain Kuwait’s users as the popular Egyptian revolutionary page posted a FB status about Kuwait and the rally.

Interestingly for hours Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya News Channels ignored what has been happened in Kuwait for hours focusing on what is happening in Syria and Lebanon for reasons we all know.
Here is footage from Al Youm Kuwaiti channel showing part of the protesters before the clashes between protesters and security forces erupt from several hours ago.

Here is a video by Mubarak Al-Qanai showing the tear gases.

Here is another video showing the tear gas grenades :

This video shows the protesters chant "Peaceful, peaceful" and the special forces fired back for real !!
Tomorrow Monday expected to see either escalation from the protest or the royal family in Kuwait will stop at this point and acts wisely.
You can follow the updates and news on the ground through this hash tag : #Nation_dignity_rally in Arabic. Kuwaitis are from the active Arabs when it comes to Twitter.  Also here are the official twitter account of the rally’s organizers and its main blog in Arabic. It has got only instructions.
Now back in Egypt , as typical Egyptians all activists are giving advices from all sorts to the Kuwaitis starting with what the Kuwaitis should do when they overthrow the Royal Family in Kuwait !!!
Interestingly enough the official account of Freedom and Justice Party and its members in Egypt has been not endorsing only the rally but officially reached to the level of considering it the start of the Gulf’s monarchs rule officially and explicitly.
@KhaledAbuShadi : Will Kuwait lead the Arab Spring in the Gulf ?? May God lead our countries to welfare

The Muslim brotherhood is living the role of Nasser perfectly regardless of what you may think. It is not a secret that most of the Gulf rulers now can not stomach MB especially in UAE and Kuwait where the opposition from Islamists connected to the MB.
Strangely the MB and FJP were and have been silent on what happened in Sudan and what is happening Bahrain.
Of course Dubai Police chief , the MB slayer is on fire tonight attacking the MB for the trouble causing in Kuwait insisting that Kuwait is for Al Sabah and Al Sabah family is for Kuwait.
Khalfan : Kuwait will remain a Sabah nation and The Sabahs are its princes.


  1. The quicker these false kings and princes are toppled the better for the region. The days of monarchs are nearing an end.

  2. the Kuwaiti authorities asked ISPs to cut internet for that day but allegedly “Etisalat Kuwait” refused.


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