Saturday, October 27, 2012

Terrorist cells, corrupted intelligence officers and possible assassination plots … welcome to Cairo Action !!

Last Wednesday news broke out in the media that a terrorist cell was arrested in Nasr City and that a terrorist was killed during the operation. There were no much details available especially we are speaking about last Wednesday that witnessed bad weather , horrible traffic jam and the great escape from Cairo to all resorts before the Eid Adha big holiday.
The security forces announced that the cell included two Libyans , two Tunisians and one Egyptian. One Libyan was killed in a crossfire with security forces. There are many juicy parts in the whole affair about their training and their plans to blow up important locations in Cairo.
According to sources that Libyan terrorist is allegedly connected to the murder of the US Ambassador in Tripoli last September 2012 and he used the alias name of “Nabil” and “Hazim”  in Egypt. If you think that this is getting deeply interesting and distributing at the same time , I think you should wait for awhile because it is getting more interesting by the minute.
Now again according to source that Libyan terrorist was provided by arms allegedly through corrupted Egyptian intelligence “GIS” officer and according to the same sources he is the same corrupted GIS officer involved in the murder of a police officer last September by hands of arms dealers gang. Some unnamed security source told Al Hayat that this officer was actually a former security officer without mentioning his work.
Last September a young police officer was killed when he tried to bust some arms dealers including another corrupted police officer and corrupted GIS officer. The case has been investigated since then and we do not know any further updates.
It is not a big secret that like in any corrupted third world country many arms dealers have been former army officers or police officers or intelligence officers.
Al Hayat also claimed that the Egyptian intelligence is investigating the whole affair. It is worth to remind you that this was the mission of the State security in the past , may be because there is foreign parties involved in the matter , the GIS had to be involved.
Another interesting mentioned by the Pan Arab newspaper also well that ambiguous Pro-Omar Suleiman twitter account “Military secret” is the connection between the Jihadist Salafist groups in Sinai and that cell as well Al Qaeda.
Both are claiming that the cell was related to the Militant groups in Sinai that already include many Al Qaeda members that came to Sinai. Also these cell of Al Qaeda have moved from Sinai to several governorates including Cairo, Giza, Al Gharbia and Suez.
Dramatic Military Secrets of course claimed that the Nasr City cell plans revealed that there was a plot to assassinate President Morsi !!
Mohamed Omar Abdel Rahman , the son of the infamous Omar Abdel Rahman and the leading member of Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa denied any relation between Al Qaeda and that cell as well Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa and that cell in statements to Al Mesryoon newspaper adding that Ben Laden allegedly refused to do operations in the Arab countries !!
Again we need transparency for God sake because the more silent our security apparatuses  , the more rumors will be spread unfortunately by these terrorists and their supporters.

Update :

Tweep @7az1m who seems to be a former prisoner from radical Islamist groups claims that the officer arrested in Nasr City events was Sheikh Tarek Abu El Azm , a former army officer who was arrested in time of Mubarak for his Salafist Jihadist beliefs in 2002. Abu EL Azm was allegedly released after the revolution.
That tweep claimed that the alleged terrorist killed in the confrontation with the police was not Libyan but rather Egyptian !!
“The dear brother that was killed in Nasr City was not a Libyan but rather Egyptian imprisoned with us” said the tweep using Abu Hamza Al Masry
Egyptian Hazm as he calls himself is claiming that this cell actually was smuggling arms from Libya to Palestine and that they were not involved in the operations in Sinai or what happened in the US embassy in Tripoli

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