Monday, November 19, 2012

#Gaza : The Palestinians are coming the Palestinians are coming !!

There are unconfirmed as well contradicting reports that refugees camps are being set up in Rafah and Al Arish in the past few hours. An Egyptian military source denied these reports but organizations in Sinai confirmed it. These alleged refugee camps are set up just in case Israel launches a massive ground offensive.
That IDF ground offensive seems to be too close especially with the statements of Bibi's online that Israel will continue to escalate.The news coming from Cairo that the negotiations between Hamas and Israel have failed on Sunday makes the possibility of ground offensive very likely unfortunately.
In normal countries I do not find a reason why some people would be against having refugees camps just in case Palestinians escape from the hell of IDF invasion. But this is in normal countries not in Egypt especially now.
TV hosts like Lamis El Hadidy and Amr Adeeb are scaring millions of Egyptian viewers tonight claiming that these camps are actually future settlements for the Palestinians who will invade Sinai.
These TV hosts supported by a media machine that is either connected to the former regime in a way or another or can not stomach the Muslim brotherhood are playing the fear factor game in an excellent way. It is not a secret that Israel and some American administrations have spoke before about giving Sinai to the Palestinians as substitute land.
Already there are some reports saying that Qatar got another old plan , Egypt to restore the control on Gaza like in Pre1967 days still despite the Muslim brotherhood is ok with this suggestion , the army is standing against it.
The only way to stop this from happening is to develop Sinia for real and to facilitate the internal immigration of Egyptians for the valley to Sinai.
For human reasons these camps should be ready to receive any refugees , it is an obligation.
Now if you fear of Palestinian invasion , you have to express this fear not only to the president but to the army.
I am not afraid from Palestinian invasion because the Palestinians will not accept it nor will the Egyptians accept too. In fact if Morsi by any chance loses in anyway Sinai ,the Muslim brotherhood's end will be written by the hands of Egyptian people for real.
Let's leave that fear behind and pray that the situation does not escalate to that extent.

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  1. In fact what you cite as the Qatar option is supported and advocated by big time Zionists and friends of Israel.This plan also is about annexing the "remains"of the West bank to Jordan!This way the world kisses Palestine good bye!!Agree with you on those opportunist anchors and their "fear game"strategists!!!

  2. i think this would shed light about who is really behind this...

  3. Qatar interventions: A visit & meeting with top officials followed by a selective bombing by the IDF and senior Hamas leaders assassinations ...!!

    "Palestinians will not take Sinai from Egypt ... It is Egypt who should take Gaza from Israel ..."

    And the Muslim brotherhood will be united, And have their own big state,And end the suffering of Palestinians ,And begin real development for the poors living in one of the most populated areas,And end occupation lasting for more than 40 years , And money will flow from all the corners of the world to ease the sufferings of free Gaza, Egypt will not pay a dime just the opposite ...

    This is what the devil is whispering in the ears of some Egyptian top officials...
    I pray that I am wrong on this one ...

    Nevertheless, one thing ya Zeinab : How can we stop Lamis - Amr & Emad from appearing on the screen ??? They are more dangerous than the guys from Al-Hafez channel who appear daily from midnight till ElFagr payer....

  4. I'm so sick of this "wait and see" attitude here, why should we give Morsi the chance to lose the Sinai in the first place, it's only then that the future of the MB will be in our hands... Amr Adeeb and his colleagues can be very annoying at times, I tune out when it gets too much, however, I don't know about everyone else but I have to admit to being very apprehensive and scared about possible deals the MB are making with Hamas/Palestine etc, frankly if you're not a little frightened about it then I would go so far as to say you are foolish. Refugee camps, OK, no problems we can help them, but can you really be 100% sure that they will go home when it's over. Egypt belongs to EGYPTIANS... this is OUR land, not Hamas's not the Palestinians, not Israels, it's OURS and the Egyptian people should have a say in what happens to it.

    Oh and please stop the ridiculous "connected to the former regime conspiracy" rubbish .. for God's sake the MB are a carbon copy of the former regime, only much much worse. As for developing Sinai ... we've been saying that for ages .. Amr Adeeb has been saying that for ages .. where's the "former regime connections" there ... Wake up fellow Egyptians, look at the facts and hold on to your country, our countrymen died taking it back, it's time we looked after it properly.

  5. Sometimes ago I commented that Hamas is an Israel tool created to help them play the plot of divide and conquer, same as MB and the british. The simplest feedback I got I am conspiracy minded. Wait and see.. The game is to divide Egypt at Sinai, make it controlled palestinian state, and create Muslims and Copts collision to split uper and lower Egypt. Then Egypt will be a benign neighbour. A ninety millions advancing neighbour is far more dangerous than war.


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