Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tawadros II moves to St.Mark Cathedral as the Pope

And Pope Tawadros II has officially assumed power of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria after a ritual ceremony in the St. Mark Cathedral in Cairo after being chosen in the Conclave from two week ago.
The new Pope cried when he assumed power.

The pope crying 
The ceremony was a ritual one , there were no celebrations in solidarity with the tragedy of Assuit. In fact Pope Tawadros II was thinking of cancelling the whole coronation but he could not because foreign delegations and VIPs arrived yesterday.

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of Egyptian Christians as VIPs from public figures like Mohamed ElBaradei and Amr Moussa. Prime minister Hisham Qandil attended the ceremony after 2 hours of its start.
PM Qandil 
It is worth to mention that the President did not attend the ceremony , there are lots of justifications regarding this matter but let’s say the only thing I am convinced with the theory that he is trying to please the Salafists and other radicals.
Pope Tawadros II
Of course the Muslim brotherhood youth and young Islamists are happy that the Muslim president does not attend such ceremonies against our religion despite the Muslim brotherhood declared that it would send a big delegation representing the group to attend the ceremony !!!
Morsi does not even try to win the Egyptian Christians and to prove that he is the president of all Egyptians. He does not really care about Egyptian Christians as much as he cares about his image and the brotherhood’s image abroad. The Muslim brotherhood members and youth “that are not shown to the brotherhood’s allies in the West” say that he should not care for them because they voted for Shafik !!!
Oh yes the MB youth , the future of the brotherhood believe that 48% of the Egyptian voters in the Presidential elections whether Muslims or Christians should not even have the right to exist or speak. This is their concept of democracy. They can not stomach the Church after its withdrawal from the failed bloody Constituent assembly.
Anyhow back to Tawadros II , I think he knows he got big challenges whether political challenges or social challenges or even religious challenges inside the church.

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  1. Question to you: Did the president of Egypt at the time of late pope attended the coronation ceremony?


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