Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#MohamedMahmoud2 : Rebels losing their cause "Updated"

I went to Mohamed Mahmoud street and Tahrir square to see what is happening today after yesterday clashes between the protesters and the police forces on the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud Massacre.
I went in the morning when dozens of young protesters "mostly teenagers and even school children" blocked the traffic in Tahrir square carrying anti-Muslim brotherhood slogans chanting "We will not leave , Morsi leaves"
The ages were too small. Many of these protesters are actually school kids who came carrying their back.

There were side talks conversations between citizens whether there should be protests or not in Tahrir square. There were tear gas grenades' smells through out El Sheikh Rihan street. Already when I went there , I was shocked to find kids and teenagers"Not revolutionary at all" standing on the wall blocks between them and the security forces provoking police.
The kids were hurling rocks at the police while cursing and giving their middle finger to the CSF !!! The CSF from time to time hurled rocks.
While taking photos, I snapped a shot for a kid collecting rocks to those standing over the blocks. When he saw that I was taking his photo, he requested to be removed, I told him to stop collecting rocks immediately and throw these rocks away if he wants not to be photographed.
He did and stayed away.
Of course, I know that he would return to collect rocks as soon as I left the place but he was scared !!!
The kid was about 10 years old. There is nothing revolutionary about that. If that kid is killed or injured, I doubt that anyone will help his family for real or help him except God !!!
I headed to Mohamed Mahmoud street. Again more street talks and discussion. New graffiti paintings are added to the street. There was a small protest led by that Al-Azhar sheikh known from his opinions against Muslim brotherhood online. The protest was calling Morsi as the "agent of the Americans" demanding him to leave !!
Moving to Youssef El Gendy street that also leads to the ministry of interior. It is blocked just like Sheikh Rihan street. It was a true war zone with all the broken rocks and glass.Again kids over the blocks taunting the officers and soldiers sitting on the other side.  The Lycee El Horeya school was partially torched.
In my way out I heard that two young men "Gaber" and "Mido" were shot down in the street from an hour or something.
To be honest I did not hear gunshots, maybe it happened when I was in Sheikh Rihan street, yet again I did not see people escaping or screaming or even blood. The people told me that his bag at the Mogamma. I have to check.
Here is a quick video clip for what I saw today

Do not ask me how the clashes  started or why it started because I believe it was beyond remembering the Mohamed Mahmoud street massacre's martyrs.
My friends who went yesterday there from revolutionaries and anarchists believe it started by troublemakers who fought each other before it would reach to clashes with the central security forces.
Please do not preach me about the rights of martyrs because as far as I could the only thing we have excelled in those 2 years is to increase the numbers of martyrs. We are restoring the rights of the martyrs by increasing their numbers, this is what we are doing !!
Now here is how it is going to happen, it will escalate by afternoon and soon enough we will have the full show: Molotov cocktails, rocks, tear gas grenades and bird shots as well live ammunition by night !!!!!!!!!
There is no cause and being blinded by anger without thinking in a plan will not lead us to anything. We are losing our cause for God sake

Update :

It did escalate as predicted !!
Clashes are back, more injuries. The police forces from CSF are now standing on the rooftops of the schools in Youssef El Gindy street hurling rocks and glass at the protesters below !!
There are field hospitals now.
The ministry of hospital announced officially that 44 have been injured from the protesters. Unfortunately today the injured young man I heard about in Mohamed Mahmoud street was announced dead !!
Ahmed Gaber , a student and a member in April 6th youth Movement was shot down in Mohamed Mahmoud street this morning from what I understood. Some are reporting that he was at point blank in his head !!He was shot in his skull and in his chest.
Late Gaber
I think with the death Gaber , things will turn worse and more people will protest and clash with security forces.
The Muslim brotherhood supporters and media speakers are claiming that these are "Secular militias" who attempt to storm and bring down the ministry of interior. I am waiting for these secular militias to attack the ministry of defense !!!!
 The MB will do its best to win politically from these clashes as usual and the victims will be just numbers.
I want this to end soon

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