Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#Gaza : The Balance of weaponry

I think this info graph is extremely important when we speak about the arming and weaponry of both Palestinian militant groups like Hamas and El Kassam compared to the IDF which takes pride as the strongest army in the Middle East.
Click to enlarge it
Of course the period it covers when it comes to the numbers of casualties is not updated by that November 2012 war.


  1. So what?

    If someone comes to kill you with a knife, and you have a gun, wouldn't you use the gun to defend yourself?

    In the last years, the Palestinians used there less advanced weapons to constantly bombard the Israeli villages and towns close to the border. Just because they are less advanced weapons give them a free pass to do it?

    There should be a 100% cease fire from both sides, and that includes the less advanced weapons of the Palestinians.

    By the way, how come the Palestinians have so many missiles and rockets when there was a so-called "blockade" on Gaza?

    1. Yes, when someone attack you with knife: you have to kill him, his family, his neighbors, destroy his house and nearby houses. Also you should shot nearby hospitals, schools and International aid agencies.

      Come on! It is occupied land!
      I have full right to attack my-land occupier with whatever weapon I can afford.

    2. Yousf,

      You're saying that its the Palestinians right to kill Israelis, and the Israelis aren't allowed to defend themselves. Great logic. Its the same logic that brought the Palestinians to their sad state of affairs.

    3. On which basis you have assumed Palestinians started the attacks?.

      All these rockets are fired because Zionist aggression army constantly attack Gaza in many forms including occupying through snipers, gun ships, drones, and all high tech the sea and land of Gaza.

  2. Yes. But Hamas targets civilians and Israeli try not to.

    1. No one believes that given the choice between military and civilian targets, Hamas would target civilians. Resistance forces have only crude weapons with which to fight back. Israel, however, engages in conflicts of choice - knowing full well that their actions will result in the deaths of innocents. They make cold calculations - weighing the lives of innocents in Gaza vs. a return to 'normalcy' in Israel. The fact is, Israel does not value the lives of the people of Gaza (or the rest of the Arab world, for that matter).

    2. No one believes that given the choice between military and civilian targets, Hamas would target civilians.

      Actually, everyone who isn't retarded knows Hamas has a 20 year long history of deliberately attacking innocent civilians. You're either entirely ignorant, in which case you should shut up now, or you're an egregious liar.

    3. Hamas chose to target buses filled with kids and elderly people during the terror age of the 2nd Intifada (this is the type of population using public transportation in Israel).

    4. Really?


      Katya Adler BBC News Eyewitness says Tel Aviv bus was public bus. All windows smashed. Most wounded already taken away by ambulance 'Doesnt look good', he says

      Paul Danahar BBC News, Gaza tweets: celebratory gunfire going off in Gaza after bus reports of bus attack in Tel Aviv

      Hamas claims responsibility for bus explosion in Tel Aviv, broadcatsing statement from mosques in #Gaza. Say managed to place bomb on bus.

  3. Just so people are aware, this is taking place in numerous internet forums (much more so recently for obvious reasons):


    They have been focusing their efforts on major sites like Reddit in order to influence public opinion, but, as you can see, their propaganda campaign has no boundaries.

  4. Its sad that the Israelis think its ok to imprison the Palestinian people in ghettos, it was jewish ghettos in nazi Germany where all of this started.

    "La haine attire la haine!"

    1. Why blame Israel? Gaza has a border with Egypt as well.

  5. Well i guess jews want revenge and the only people they can bully is poor palestinians. hope it doesnt end right for the jews

  6. As the younger generation reminds us, "Duh", "it's the land stupid"

    Give back the stolen land OR make a true effort to resolve the ongoing occuapations and invite the people back to their homes, and you will see no need for the existance of a Hamas. How simple is this? Notice no one speaks of the Land grabs. "It's the land stupid" is an old saying

    1. You're talking about thing that happened 65 years ago, post WWII.

      Post WWII millions refugees moved in Europe and Asia (Germany/France/Chechoslovakia/Hungary, India/Pakistan). Also in the middle east hundreds of thousands Jewish refugees fled the Arab countries.
      In 1974, 40% of Cyprus Greek population became refugees because of Turkey's invasion (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cypriot_refugees) . An international court ruled they cann't return because it will create new wars. Do you see them constantly bombarding the Turkish population in Cyprus?

      Your attitude of eternal war is a recipe for continued suffering for the Palestinians.

  7. So you think this is only a problem for the Palestinians then?


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