Friday, November 23, 2012

#Nov23 : Back to the square

Revolutionary parties and powers were organized for a protest in Tahrir square for two weeks now to commemorate Mohamed Mahmoud 2011 anniversary and after the renewed clashes more powers planned to go. Now after the constitutional declaration issues by Morsi that turns him in to a new pharaoh Egypt is on the verge of the unknown.

You must know my laptop is dead and I donot have anything now except a desktop and an iPad. I can use the iPad now while sitting in front of TV channels catching news and updates.It is difficult thing , I can not add links or photos easily.

No one is sleeping in Cairo or Egypt technically. There are protests in Tahrir and Mohamed Mahmoud against Morsi and his declaration. There is a protest in Port Said now against Morsi. Some are saying that a mob torched the Freedom and Justice Party in Assuit. Political parties and powers are calling for a million man protest in Tahrir square and all squares in Egypt. Most if not all of the parties known in Egypt except FJP, Salafists and Al Wasat are going to protest.

April 6 Youth , The National front, The Popular current as well Ultras Ahlawy 07 are going to protest. The constitution Party, the popular current , Popular committees, Popular socialist alliance party are organizing rallies. Mohamed ElBaradei will lead the rally coming from Mostafa Mahmoud square. Hamdeen is going to lead a rally too.Abu El Fotouh is currently in the States and he slammed the declaration that shocked his supporters from MB and Islamists.

You must know that constitutional guru Tarek El Bishry is against what happened and he will not be silent

The Judges' club is holding till this late hour in its river club in Agouza where Ahmed El Zend , its head announced the judges' refusal to the declaration. The judges seem to start a strike in several governorates.

by the way Morsi is going to address the people tomorrow.

The political parties held a meeting at Al Wafd party tonight and they demanded the following :

  • To cancel the constitutional declaration
  • To disband the current constituent assembly
  • To issue a law for the rights of Martrys
  • Political powers and parties call all people to down this declaration
I am worried and scared from tomorrow , I fear from a civil war especially that we got two teams that include radicals going to the streets. The Muslim brotherhood members and supporters are going to protest at presidential palace.


  1. How is yor laptop 'dead,' Zeinobia? What is wrong? Maybe it can be fixed.

    And... stay safe. sounds like a volatile situation. Might be best to report from the 'sidelines.'

  2. I just dont understand Egyptians at all.He is giving you what you want and holding retrial to get justice and the only way that can be achieved is by taking all powers temporarily till you have referendum on new constitution to do that. What is wrong with Egyptians????? I think it must be because you have been oxygen starved for so long that your brains dont work and you cant figure out the simplest things and on top of that you absolutely love to moan and protest even though you have no clue what you are protesting about.

    Most Egyptians have no clue how the law works. Why not take a clue from Europe and stop the stupid protests every 5 minutes. Right now you should all be backing Morsi to cleanse the country but you are driving it backwards!!!!!!! One minute you want justice for the martyrs then when he goes to cleanse the ex regime from power you all cry. Goddam you stupid people!

    1. Take a clue from Europe? Where in Europe do people vote for dictatorship of their own free will? Belarus? Just because Egyptians are stupid doesn't mean you're a genius.

  3. Dear anonymous...I think if you look back at the last sixty years here in Egypt, you should be able to understand why the people of Egypt get extremely nervous when a leader declares himself above the law.

  4. Yes well there was a law in Egypt and Morsy just trampled it. As to the new constitution, if it is drafted only by the Islamists it will not reflect the will of the people.

  5. Too much drama queens in egypt atm

  6. But didn't 75% of Egyptians vote for Islamist parties?

    1. Not even 50% of Egyptians voted. Morsi got about 25 % of the votes, so actually 75% did not vote for the Islamist option ..

    2. Then didn't 75% of those Egyptians who could even be bothered voting vote for the Islamists. Surely if you can't even be bothered to turn up at the polling station you can't then complain that the Islamists are enacting policies you don't approve of?

  7. They are getting the government they deserve, just like they have for many decades...

    A government of savages for savages.

    1. Why savages? This is one of the oldest civilisation on earth, it has produced great men, and it is slowly emerging into the modern world. Not easy. Remember, their fight will shape the Middle East of tomorrow.

  8. And the majority voted for G.W. Bush and look where that got us! Mistakes happen, and change takes time. People are desperate for change now, and "yesterday".... Who can blame them after 30 years of Mubarek.

  9. When the Prophet Mohammed died, Muslims turned on each other and split the faith in half. After that you had a succession of corrupt leaders retaining powers for themselves and not really caring about anything but holding on to power and taking advantage of the Arab and Muslim people halting any development for centuries very much until the Turks took over for 400 years bringing the Arabs to their knees. Then in the 20th century the Turks lost and the west took over bringing the Arab down to a new level of poverty and backwardness. Then you had more corrupt leaders From 1956 to Mubarak who held his position for three decades and Egypt grew poorer and poorer by the day until Mubarak was kicked out by your so called revolution. Having voted Morsi in, the usual cycle begins once more. My guess is that Egypt will not have the courage, will or power to establish a true democracy where the president is accountable just like all other Arab countries, This will mean probably more of the same, poverty, backwardness for years to come whilst every other country is moving forwards. I fear Egypt is set for decades of stagnation.
    Just the fact that Morsi decided to do this after the Gaza mediation is enough to show his true colors. Democracy? What Democracy?

  10. Excuse me, excuse me Anonymous, " taking all powers temporarily till you have referendum on new constitution" Yeah right, under no circumstance should any Arab leader be given extra powers temporarily or otherwise. The lot of them are power hungry through and through and will hold on to it with with sweeteners for the security police and the military, have you not learned anything?


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