Friday, November 23, 2012

#Nov23 : From #Tahrir

Insh Allah I will be heading to Tahrir square after few minutes. I am going to spend all morning there insh Allah. I will be trying to send my updates through Cover it live here.
Several activists I know from Pro-revolutionaries expressed their concern and fear that today would turn in to violent clashes among Egyptians. I am extremely worried.
Late night I heard that protesters from Sharkia set up a tent in Tahrir square. From 4 hours someone claimed on twitter that a young man was shot down by a sniper riffle in Tahrir square. There are many rumors about the position of the army regarding this.
Today is the anniversary of Karbala , from 14 centuries ago idealistic few were conquered by the many looking for poor and domination. I wonder how it will end in Egypt.
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  1. Egyptian are getting stupider or what? You all like to protest every now and then. Blame everyhing on Mursi and US and MB, but u forgot your own responsibility! Wake up and work together!!!! Mursi won so accept the fact and move on forward! Dont u see how dirty your country is??Go clean it up first! Teach your community manner and good habits and civilization! I dont say Mursi is right on everything but surely he is not wrong in everything too???So wake up, u fools!

    1. Work together? You mean like how Morsi wants to work with all groups in Egypt? Young people, Christians, secularists, liberals etc?? .. Because with the new decree and the totally unrepresentative constitution assembly the working together becomes quite difficult if you ask me!

      The MB is exactly at the point they want to be. Ruling the country as if they are the only group. I'm not surprised Egyptians get tired of this. The big group that didn't vote for MB, as well as some MB voters

  2. Hi Zeinobia, I'm a journalist with ITN, a news organisation based in London, UK, and was wondering if you might be able to do a Skype/phone interview with us today while you're at the Tahrir protests? You can contact me by email at laura.mackenzie(a) or on Twitter at @_LauraMack. Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks, Laura Mackenzie

  3. Lets hope for a peaceful event. In any case, be careful.

  4. The window plugins limit is reached, can't see any news from u. Can u extend the capacity? Thanks and take care ya Zeinobia.


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