Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rana … The most dangerous girl in the country !!

This small incident shows you the change that took place in Egypt , at least from a social perspective.
طالبات تتظاهرن أمام وزارة التعليم لمنع دخول طالبة احتياجات خاصة
These are 6th grade girls from some school protesting in front of the ministry of education  HQ in Cairo demanding the ministry to transfer a girl called Rana from their class. According to what I understood from Al Masry Al Youm’s report Rana is a bully that actually was transferred from another school. The girls were complaining that she was attacking them and the school’s administration did not anything concerning her behavior thus the whole class went to the ministry.
The girls held banners saying “No place for Rana in our class” and “We will not leave , Rana leaves” just like the famous revolution’s slogan.
This photo was taken by Al Masry Al Youm photographer Azza Fadaly at the ministry of education HQ Downtown Cairo today morning.
I do not know about whether what the ministry of education will do concerning Rana or even Rana’s reaction when she knew that she is now being featured in National media like that but I know that the youngsters know that they should not give up their rights so easily. There is still hope despite somehow I feel sorry for Rana.


  1. I think they should get rana counciling to find out why she is a bully. Not just cast her out.

  2. Agreed. Something is wrong here with the picture, and she is acting out psychologically for some reason. Are her parents also bullies? Where did she pick this up? Why is she acting out , that is the major question which will take a psychologist to work with her to get the truth out.

  3. She needs to be expelled, because having her stay at school will certainly give off the wrong signal to the other students (a signal that bullying is allowed) and she needs councilling, totally agree :)


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