Friday, November 9, 2012

#Sharia_Friday : What Sharia are you speaking about !?

Thousands of Islamists are currently in Tahrir square participating in what they called “ Apply Sharia Friday”. They have one demand which is simply to apply the Islamic Sharia based on their own view in the constitution.

Of course as the Muslim brotherhood and Al Nour Party are not participating officially in this Friday protest , you can imagine the numbers are not that big as we are speaking about 6000 to 8000. It is worth to mention that last night it rained heavily in several cities in Nile Delta so I believe it will not be easy for the Islamist parties and groups to transfer their supporters from governorates as they have always done. The numbers of course may increase in the afternoon.

The main parties participating in this Friday are The Salafist Front and its newly found People Party and Al Gamaa Al Islamiyaa and its political Party Building and Development Party. Other Islamist parties like Al Asala are participating as well other Islamist groups like Hazem Abu Ismail related groups. “Hazemoon and Lazm Hazem.. etc.”

Last night Al Gamaa Al Islamiya set up a big stage in Tahrir square and few of its supporters stayed all night carrying banners calling for the implementation of Sharia.

The photos of Omar Abdel Rahman are there as well. The chants range between “Islamic .. Islamic” to “Bread , Freedom and Islamic Sharia” to “where are you Secular !!”

The Emam of the prayers in the square this Friday is not Mazhar Shahin but rather a member of “Building and Development Party” Sheikh Mohamed El Soghair “Not to be confused with the famous hairdresser”. Sheikh El Soghair did not only attack liberals and seculars but he rather compared them to the infidels in the early days of Islam. He also claimed that “90 million Muslim in Egypt want to apply the Sharia”

He also prayed against certain figures by names including the public prosecutor.

Female journalists and reporters were forced to leave the main stage by the protesters as some reported.

Strangely in a very late time the Muslim brotherhood issued an order to its members in the governorate to have stands outside the mosques and not to go to Tahrir square. The MB are distributing flyers outside the mosques in certain areas in Cairo and Alexandria. The flyers support the current constituent assembly and their own version of the Sharia they want to be included in the upcoming constitution.

Here are two versions , one from Cairo and the other is from Alexandria.

Of course the Muslim brotherhood will not participate in such protest for fear of the outside world but inside they do support such protests and want these protests in the same way Mubarak used to say to the West either me or the radicals.

I have to go now , Wait for more photos and videos late.

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  1. Egyptians have to look into their long history of sects imposing their religious dogma's dating back from king Akhenaten in order to realize it's destructive effects their society.


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