Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Price To transfer his Former Excellency

Today two interesting news happened in Egypt aside from on going saga about cabinet , constitution and Muslim brotherhood's enemies plotting with Martians.

The public prosecutor decided to transport Ousted president Mubarak to Military Maadi hospital for health reasons from Torah prison. The former President currently serving a life sentence in jail for not protecting the protesters in January 25th Revolution fell in his cell at Torah prison earlier this month and suffered some fractures.

After few hours we found out that the public prosecutor suddenly ordered that LE 27,000,000 from Suzanne Thabet’s bank account “allegedly secret one” to be confiscated and transferred to the Central Bank Account.

Ironically we suddenly hear the news of LE 27,000,000 that come from Suzanne Thabet’s bank account and we do not know if she is facing charges or not.Suzanne Mubarak already officially is off the hook yet Illicit gains authority say that she got them illegally , well why is not she not punished for that !?? The  Public prosecutor did not tell us from from where the former first lady got those millions !!

At the same time Mubarak was transferred to Maadi military hospital !!

Personally I believe that Suzanne paid those LE 27,000,000 to the current regime in order to transfer Mubarak to the military hospital , there is no other explanation.


  1. How about this for a conspiracy theory.

    The whole Mubarak mafia are going to be freed on appeal because the opposition wont allow Morsi to cleanse the judiciary.

    Let's see how Egyptians are going to react to that one.

  2. If this is true, this is very sad. Making the transfer of an old and sick man to a decent hospital conditional on blackmail money is shameful.

  3. Unfortunately Zee, makes a great deal of sense this did happen. He was initially said to be okay right where he was in custody. A week later he's not okay after all.


  4. Why should he be given preferential treatment, I'm sure there are hundreds more prisoners in far worse health condition then he is and they don't get sent to the military hospital. He is a convicted criminal and should not be treated differently. If it can be proved Suzanna paid this money to the Public Prosecutor.....he should be charged with bribery.


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