Thursday, January 24, 2013

#Black_Bloc in #Egypt

I wished to have a break before the upcoming hours but what you know , you are in Egypt my friend.
The Black Bloc Egypt
Suddenly this week we found out that Egypt has got its own Black Bloc group
The group declared its existence officially with a clip filmed in Alexandria
Now on twitter and Facebook the group "Black Bloc" announced that it will have a meeting down town Cairo at Talaat Harb where the members come wearing black masks. Already the group announced that their Zero hero will be 2 PM Thursday !!
I left the office at 5 PM and honestly I did not know what they have done except that they marched downtown Cairo. I do not know if they joined the clashes at Kasr Al Aini or not but one thing for sure they made a scene today.
At Talaat Harb square
At Talaat Harb Square

Praying at Talaat Harb
Marching downtown
Marching to Tahrir
Here is their first Video statement where they marched in Alexandria. According to the statement the Black Bloc Egypt got one specific mission : TO Face the Muslim brotherhood and its military arm. The Anarchic militia or group or whatever is warning the ministry of interior from interfering in this affair.

I am lost because the statement in the video says that they do not have any accounts or pages on Social media but here is a FB page claiming to theirs. The FB page says that it will not announce the responsibility of any action in the page but rather to spread their thought.
Now it is worth to mention that the new group is being accused of torching that military music band bus in Ismailia during Morsi's visit there as well of standing behind attack on Momen fast food chain branch in Giza yesterday thanks to a video posted by their name.
Many people are questioning who they are. Some are worried that they are actually following the Muslim brotherhood and they are doing this in order to scare normal citizens.
For the time being , till I get more info about who they are , I will believe that they are real radical anarchic group.


  1. Asalamu Alaykom,

    Whew! This is a new wrinkle, isn't it? They seem really uninformed and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    Torching a Mo'men is not exactly eradicating the evil of Egypt----unless you think that overcharging for overprocessed food is a sin.

    The masks they wear as they pray/prey in public prevent them from being known and from having their prayers accepted. Even niqabi women must uncover their faces to pray.

    There's been a benevolence in Egypt since the Revolution. We are all suffering to regain our footing. However, young men like this might undo the good feelings and trust we have. Fear and anarchy aren't a part of Islam and can't be a part of modern Egypt.

    1. with all due respect, but:
      - I don't think a simple mask or piece of cloth will prevent God from knowing who you are and preventing the acceptance of their prayers

      - good feelings? trust? trust we have? ... i think you mean "trust we HAD"... The MB are the ones inducing fear and they should be ashamed (as humble humans) to use the name of God to induce fear and make people do what they want.

      - A little piece of advice, don't ever take another person's opinion as your own... God gave us a brain, Let's use it

  2. This will have a reverse effect on the Aims of the revolution,why do i suspect those fellows of habouring a hidden agenda??

  3. There is no progress in egypt. Only tyranny. violence should be answered with violence. This violence started and stems from civilians that belong to the muslim brotherhood. They are brainwashed from a very young age and cannot be reasoned with. so the black bloc is the answer!

  4. Yosra, who told you that men who have their faces covered won't have their prayers accepted? The first thing you should learn as a new convert to Islam is to keep silent when you don't know the facts because unless you can provide ample proof from the Quran or sunnah, then nobody really cares about the opinions of a Muslim-American mommy in Giza.

  5. We Are Black Bloc . We Are Here To Fight The Darkness . We Are Black Bloc . We Are Peace Fighter . We Are Here To Fight The Muslims Brotherhood . We Are Black Bloc . We Will Never Stand in Silent . We Are Black Bloc , Respect us . We Are Black Bloc , We Do Not ForGet . We Do Not forgive,We Are The Black Bloc

    1. In solidarity with the Egyptian uprising and the Palestinian resistence, Tel Aviv stands with you.

      -Some anarchists

  6. The young are unlikely to follow the lead of middle-aged MB business/mullahs who want to watch their investments grow and prepare for paradise. The young are seeking knowledge and answers to age-old questions. They won't get them from Morsi who tells them to be good, patient and quiet.

    If it turns out like Iran, the young are going to be devoured by the comfortable, self-satisfied, pious, religious conservatives. They will be stifled with force. Sacrificed to a false sense of stability. The same stagnation felt under Mubarak.

    Morsi(grey man) and the MB (greyparty)is not equipped to lead Egypt forward.Look at India. Only a coalition of mixed political elements had the fresh faces and ideas to revamp the country. When the Hindu conservatives were in power the country stagnated even though India is a majority Hindu country. India is the best model for Egypt not Turkey because Turkey needed European assistance and incentives to reorganize but India is doing so entirely on its own steam with a coalition at its head.

    Islamists need to admit that others have the qualities, abilities required for the countries progress and they should be used. A Christian or secular President if he (or she, I'm always hopeful) achieves the advancement of the country there is no reason for pious Egyptian muslims to feel shame.

  7. The law demands evidence but provides little to make things right. Thus the sword of war happens due to the delay of justice. As long as their is absence to free trial and fair justice there will always be chaos.

  8. This violence started and stems from civilians that belong to the muslim brotherhood.


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