Sunday, January 6, 2013

#Sinai : Back to military trials

Mohamed Sabry
Ok I can not imagine that I will blog and write about friends who may face military trails again in my blog after the new constitution and the new president. Sorry I am naive I should expect that when civilians can stand military trials according to the new constitution !!
Unfortunately active North Sinai journalist and blogger Mohamed Sabry “who is well known to almost all foreign journalists who worked in North Sinai” was arrested yesterday while doing a report about the area where our soldiers were killed on the borders last August 2011. It turned out that this area is a military zone and now Sabry will face the charges of trespassing and filming in military zone !!
Sabry is currently in the Central Prison in North and tomorrow morning he will be interrogated by military prosecution.
I feel so worried and sad , Mohamed does not deserve this. He helped a lot of journalists and reporters including me when it comes to news , sources and contacts in Sinai. Unlike many journalists he is unbiased and cares for his country and people.
I just hope that he will be released soon insh Allah and return back to young bride. He was married shortly and it is truly unfair.


  1. Zeinobia

    Egyptians need to get used to abiding by laws. For too long you have been lawless and do not understand that rules have to be followed or there are consequences.
    It's a military zone. He should NOT have been there. It's as simple as that. It would be the same in any other law abiding country. You go on military land you risk being shot at or arrested. Egyptians should be no different. Time to start acknowledging rules and regulations. What would have been better and a start would to have had the blog post about Egyptians flouting the law and the consequences as a learning session instead of supporting law breaking. Sadly Egyptians have a lot to learn. Breaking the law has consequences. Lawbreakers should not be hailed as heros. Law breaking should be condemned at every turn till you reach a law abiding society.

    1. Could you pipe down for a minute? He is a journalist and was doing his job! In every law abiding country journalists are protected in their work. In non-law abiding countries they are harassed, detained and unjustly tried by military courts. You criticise the lawlessness and hail the military for acting lawless. Pipe down and funnel your rage towards a military that has blatantly ignored laws in ALL their military trials. No lawyers. No family informed. That is lawless and inacceptable in all the law abiding parts of this world. - And don't "you" them. Egyptians are not your children you can boss around.

  2. Do let us foreigners know how it goes with Mohammed. Sorry that this has happened yet to "another" Journalist in Egypt.

    It's always sad to see this outside of Egypt and hear of it.

    Before long the various civil rights organizations will be also protesting I'm sure.

  3. The man should not have been on forbidden land this is first. All of the forbidden land is clearly signposted and says not to take photos so I can't find any excuse to support him here. Look back as all the americans who have been caught doing the same like in iran and north korea and egypt where they go to places that are military sites and are arrested for breaking the law. It's a good lesson and maybe others will think twice before trying to break the laws of a country when they here he was arrested and might be jailed. I dont think anyone would support his breaking the law. If they do they have no respect for the law either.


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