Monday, February 11, 2013

#AlAzhar and #Mufti Elections : And we will hold our breath "Update"

Later today Al Azhar’s elderly clerics council will hold an urgent meeting to elect the grand Mufti of Egypt. Sheikh Ali Gomaa’s term will finish next March and thus a new Mufti should be elected from 25 candidates.
The good thing that the president does not appoint the Mufti anymore but the bad thing now is that the MB's official Mufti is applying for this position !!
MB Mufti Abdel Rahman El Bar  is one of the candidates and to be honest I am extremely worried to have another MB member in that critical position.
El Bar claims that he was surprised by his nomination "what you know !!" yet people should not be discriminated for their political affiliation according to him"which theoretically is true"
Despite he says that he does not seek the position , he will have one hour interview on the State TV today !!!
I am totally against having El Bar as Egypt's grand Mufti because  if he is elected , we will have fatwas based on the MB's conservative interpretation for Islam !! We will have fatwas upon the request of the guidance office.
Based on how the MB members and supporters act online and say regarding the candidacy of El Bar , I fear from the elections' results today.

Updated :

And the Clerics elected Shawky Ibrahim as Egypt's newest Mufti. We do not know much about him expect that he is a professor of Maliki Fiqh in the faculty of Sharia and Law , Al Azhar University in Tanta. Before the elections he used to work in Oman.
We do not know any thing about his political affiliation. Here is his picture.
Sheikh Ibrahim, the new Mufti.


  1. The Grand Mufti should have no political affiliation whatsoever, anything less is a disaster.

  2. Egyptians need to stop with the paranoia and hysteria.
    It's all media hype.

    You will find that the opposition are probably the ones behind this latest MB scare.

    No doubt a non MB will get the job and the opposition will move onto it's next scare tactic for the ignorant politically immature Egyptian in the street.

  3. Didn't you realize what you were voting for?

  4. MSN News Arabia reports that Mufti Abdel Rahman El Bar did not get the job! Shawky Ibrahim named Egypt’s new grand mufti. Global Post confirms that story.

    In related news, Pope Benedict XVI is to resign at the end of this month. The last Pope to step aside was Pope Gregory XII, who resigned in 1415.

  5. Sorry Zeinobia but Egyptians do not need some man to tell them how to eat or how to go to the bathroom and that the right foot is before the left foot and that one eats with his/her right hand and clean him/herself with the left hand or as the prime minster just said that women should wash their breasts which is non of his business.

    The January 25/2011 revolution was about getting rid of Mubarak and it should be about understanding that freedom and democracy allow you to make decisions for yourself without consulting a man who claims to know what God has in mind unless he can prove to us that he has a direct phone line connection with God otherwise he should shut up and go out in the labor market and find a real job

  6. thanks for share...


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