Monday, February 18, 2013

#PortSaid : A civil disobedience for the second day in row

And the angry and sad people of Port Said continue their civil disobedience for the second day in row. Yesterday was the first day of civil disobedience that surprised the whole country. The civil disobedience from what I understand is from 6 AM to 5 PM. The official working hours.
The city and its people are still angry on how there is no official reaction at all regarding their civil disobedience. Only today the minister of justice Mekki has assigned a judge following the ministry of justice to investigate the clashes of Port Said  on January 26 and 27 !!!! This is the first official reaction regarding what happened and is happening in Port Said.
The MB media machine is starting to blame the former NDP regime members Port Said where as the official media including the official press like Ahram Daily newspaper is blaming the Ultras Green Eagles accusing it of “paralyzing the city” !!
Yes the Ultras Green Eagles members are playing an important role as I know from people and activists on the ground in organizing rallies and they have been be pushing the factory owners in the Industrial zone “Some time by force” and the investment zone but let’s agree on something : If the people of the Port Said did not support this move , they would not join from all classes and areas. We would not see women and students as well workers and employees joining the rallies.
The people of Port Said are extremely angry from the murder of those 45 victims in cold blood where as no official decided to comment about what happened on those two days. It is enough that the only time the elected president decided to speak about the city was in Germany where he proudly told the world how the people of Port Said tried to bring down the army helicopters. The people of Port Said feel that they are humiliated and now it is beyond a football match. 
The army units in the city are protecting the important official buildings. There are two sits in the city currently including one at the governorate building and the other one at the Court.
Today over 40,000 workers did not work and nearly 30 factories were shut down with losses of $ 20 million in those two days only. 
One important remark people should recognize that in this movement currently in Port Said there are barely any signs for any political power or movement
Now there is important escalation happened today when the workers of the Naval arsenal joined the protesters and left work at 2 PM. Of course the Suez Canal authority issued a statement that the work in the vital canal is fine and it is not affected but what is happening in Port Said. 
It is worth to mention that since last January 26th & 27th the Muslim brotherhood members above them famous MP Akram El Shaer disappeared from Port Said. The man whose popularity made the NDP crazy in the elections is no longer the city.
Again I will use Storify in order to make our lives easier with all the photos from the city.

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