Sunday, February 17, 2013

#PortSaid starts civil disobedience in #Egypt

The people of Port Said have once amazed and surprised the rest of Egyptians with civil disobedience , yes civil disobedience on Sunday
Thousands of Port Said people are marching in protests calling for civil disobedience. Some activists and tweeps say that this is the first day in the civil disobedience. I do not know if it is volunteer civil disobedience or for instance the leading protesters from Ultras green Eagles played a role in encouraging and forcing the people in to civil disobedience according to what I heard from very active trusted sources.
The locals have blocked the industrial zone. The women are protesting and even blocked the main roads leading to the heart of the city.
It is crazy and honestly I do not think that this civil disobedience move has to do with the Port Said stadium massacre trial anymore.
I will not speak now , I will leave you with live updates from the city after the break.


  1. I realise now that there are two types of Egyptians. Ones that want to work and stop the LE falling any further and help Egypt out of the hole it is in after Mubaraks 30 years of rule and then the other group who travel from place to place causing chaos in thousands instead of millions but try to grab every headline as they try to destroy our country.

    1. So, basically it's a choice between assholes or anarchists? What happened to Egypt? Or has Egypt always been this way?

    2. you dont sound like ndp or scaf or mb at all

    3. Under Mubarak's rule the economy did far better. Not that I want him back ;) I just want to point out that the religious rulers have no clue about how to run a country.

  2. As they say in many countries: Ya Basta! Kifaya!!! Mursi go home! No to the tiranny of salafis and ikhwangiiin!

    1. It's always something, isn't it? People need to stop whining and enjoy their Islam.


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