Saturday, February 16, 2013

#Tanta on Fire for its new #KhaledSaid

And the city of Tanta continues to express its anger after the death of Mohamed El Gundy for the second week in row. Clashes erupted between protesters and security forces when protesters went and protest at Tanta’s state security directorate.
El Gundy's mom with the two famous activists @Bothaina Kamel
Political activists Bothaina Kamel and Karima Hafeny visited the city and paid visit to the mother of late Mohamed El Gundy yesterday. I think this is correct move , political activists and prominent figures should leave Cairo and start to visit the governorates.
El Mahalla was also on fire and it will not rest as a kid was killed yesterday. 43 protesters have been arrested yesterday in Gharbia Governorate. 25 protesters were detained in Mahalla while 18 protesters were arrested in Tanta city.
Now moving to the main issue now in Egypt : The autopsy report of Mohamed El Gundy
Last week the Autopsy authority following the ministry of justice issued its report claiming that El Gundy was hit by a car after that conclusion was declared in public by the minister of justice a week before. 
Still surprisingly Dr. Ehsan Gorgy , the head of autopsy authority announced on TV interviews including one tonight on MBC Misr that injuries in El Gundy can be resulted from car accident or beating !! Dr. Alaa Asas , the doctor who ran autopsy also said in press statements that there are injuries they can not determine whether it resulted from torture or car accident !!

 In other word the official autopsy report is inclusive !!
Now there is an interesting theory that Mohamed El Gundy could have been subject to both torture and a car crash. Some believe that to hide the trace of torture he was ran over by a car.
It is worth to mention that the Popular Current hired famous doctors to check Mohamed El Gundy while he was in coma and the doctors disagree with that official autopsy report. Mohamed El Gundy’s family announced already that they will hire doctors and will issue a parallel autopsy report.
Tonight , Saturday something fishy happened in Cairo as the Kasr Al Nil prosecution office refused to give the lawyers a copy from the autopsy report and another copy from his medical reports in the hospital !!
The 3 mobile networks issued a report claiming that they traced the mobile phone calls of Mohamed El Gundy and found that the phone calls were traced to Tahrir square on 28 January 2013. Unfortunately people do not trust the mobile phone networks.
Actually nobody trust any official statement nowadays in Egypt. I will keep you updated about El Gundy’s case.


  1. Hang on!!

    so are you saying you do not believe an International Company like Vodafone who has nothing at all to gain by lying???

    Mobinil you also do not believe because there must be a conspiracy!! even though Mobinil is part of the Saweiris (OPPOSITION)!!!

    There is much work to be done in Egypt : )

    1. First of all Sawiris has sold his shares in Mobinil , it is no longer his company
      Second of all these networks obeyed the regime on January 28,2013 and cut the telecommunications my dear including international company Vodafone
      We did not forget how cutting the lines on that day caused the death of many people who needed help.

  2. Ikwhan will clamp down on protesters just like the NDP.
    They don't know any other way to behave.
    If you think the MB will not use violent methods you are going to get a big surprise. Their powerplay is just beginning, the question is will the other power center- the Army- go along with this.

    The longer Mursi is in office the clearer it becomes what his priorities are and unemployment, the economy, judicial reform and social justice are not among his priorities. So Egypts pressing problems will go unaddressed while they spend their time on other irrelevant concerns ( media censorship & feel-good pan-Islamism, pan-Arabism, Israel).


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