Saturday, February 16, 2013

#BaniSawif : This is the police that should protect us !! “Graphic”

Today there was that scene in Bani Sawif , Upper Egypt I believe that sociologists should study.

Today a group of police officers and policemen beat a suspect till near death in public while people are watching during a funeral of a fellow popular young police officer. This suspect is accused of killing that police officer. The suspect was brought up from detention to the funeral where there was that he was beaten by the police force in the street till he fell in a coma You can see the videos below after the break

From Al Watan Newspaper

From Youm 7 Newspaper

It started yesterday when a young police officer man was shot during armed fight between two families in Bani Sawif. Some sources say that the suspect was arrested yesterday and he was taken by police force during the funeral while other sources say that he was arrested during the funeral and brought up to the funeral. He was taken in a pick up as you can see. 

On the verge of death , the police commanders in the governorate who were attending the funeral saved the suspect and transfer him to the hospital. Now we heard that some armed men stormed that hospital and took the suspect who is in coma.In other words they helped the suspect to escape somehow !!

Strangely there was enough security in the hospital for the suspect !!

What happened today should not be ignored in any civilized society , sorry it does not happen in civilized society but it should not be ignored yet I know it will be ignored officially. What if that suspect was innocent man !?

This should not happen , police should protect us not to be judge and executor at the same time.

Sadly I will not say or wonder “what the people will do when the police act like this” because for two years the citizens in Egypt were following the jungle law , the vigilante justice especially in rural areas whether in Nile Delta or Upper Egypt. Do You know how many times I read about citizens lynching and crucifying thugs in villages in Nile Delta per month !?? Just for few days ago I read about how the locals in some Upper Egyptian village who set some person with mental problems on fire because he attacked other citizens !!

We are living in the country according to the jungle law. I have theory regarding this matter. I believe that this is another symptom of the death of state of law as a concept in Egypt. This death of the state of law is not resulted by the 25 January revolution , in fact what happened in those two years was the result of that death, that state of law’s absence in the past 10 years at least. In those 10 years the police and the State of law itself were turned in to tools to serve the Mubarak regime instead of serving the public and the result is what we see now.


  1. Egyptians are barbarous people. You will regret the day you chanted against military rule. Ikhwan are gonna destroy every institution in this country. Good luck ya Z, voting for Morsi will haunt you until your deathbed along with the other traitors.

    1. Oh yeah, she did. When it came down to choosing between feloul Shafiq and MB Morsi she chose Morsi. She wasn't too happy about it though.

    2. dear anonymous, please just shutup and leave this blog as your permanent hate comments start to get annoying. if you have anything interesting to share please do so. but always writing the same line does not help at all.

    3. Different anonymous, here. I just want to say, Tom, you need to STFU and go away because Zeinobia is part of the problem and she needs to have her nose rubbed in that until she realizes the truth. Not that there's anything that can be done about it, at this late date. Egyptians need to shut up and enjoy their Islam. The international community could help Egyptians with that by banning all international flights in or out of Egypt, and removing Egypt for the internet. It's for their own good. Nobody but Egyptians should have to deal with Egyptians.

  2. Did she vote for Morsi in the final round?

    1. Lol, she voted for Aboul Fotoh (Ikhwan's trojan horse to split the civil vote) in the first round, then in the second round, she voted for Morsi. ahahahahahaha. Oh and in the first referendum she voted YES along with the Ikhwan and Salafists.... ahahahaha

  3. This is so sad. The story and the gleefully racist/ xenophobic/ rude/ hostile comments that follow...
    Keep sharing your thoughts Zeinobia. You are on the side of justice and decency. It is never an easy battle to fight. You are an Egyptian treasure...
    Maybe it's time for us all to ditch the patriotism though as it never gets anyone from any country anywhere.
    You are a world treasure Zeinobia.


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