Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going back to the old #FreeAlaa hashtag

I think we are going to use after all the old "#FreeAlaa" hashtag. He went today to the prosecutor general's office with his wife and baby son wearing the white clothes of temporary detention.
First of all Ahad Soueif , Alaa Abdel Fatah's aunt has translated his statement published on his official FB page in to English. Here is the translation as she published it on her official FB page.

 I've decided to go to the Prosecutor tomorrow mid-day, for I will not expose my wife, my son and my home to the practices of the Police if they decide to carry out the detention order.
The order itself is proof of the corrupt nature of the case and the bias of the Prosecutor-General towards the Muslim Brotherhood and the Office of the Supreme Guide.
I have never failed to respond to a legal summons, even when it came from an institution whose legitimacy I did not accept - like the Military Prosecutor. The only explanation for the detention order, and its fevered announcement in the media, is that the Public Prosecutor is instigating the Police and the followers of the MB to act with violence towards the accused. Tomorrow, therefore, I will demand that the investigation be carried out by a judge so that we can be sure of a level of neutrality, since these accusations are directed at political opponents of the MB - the MB to which the Public Prosecutor belongs.

I am not scared by the jails of the despotic state, and I will not exchange being a man unjustly accused to being a fugitive from justice. I will not give the authorities an excuse for cheap melodrama when they detain me to satisfy the followers of Mursi and his Guide's thirst for repression.
I leave it to my comrades in the revolution to judge the correct response to this paradox: four months have passed since complaints were filed accusing leading members of the MB of supervising torture at the entrances to the Ittihadiyya (Presidential Palace) - four months with no investigations, yet the Prosecutor rushes today to investigate the events of this Friday at Muqattam.
Finally: "Stop! Whoa! It's the Guide that makes him go!"

Second here is the protest held in solidarity with Alaa Abdel Fatah outside the prosecutor general's office.


  1. Solidarity from Dublin, Ireland.

  2. The old #FreeAlaa hastag? How many times has he been arrested? I don't think anyone was even using Twitter yet, or even knew it existed, since it was only a few months old, on the occasion of his most notorious arrest in 2006. Speaking of which, isn't that when he befriended the Muslim Brotherhood? Didn't he come out of jail advocating for them, back then, in 2006? And didn't that pro-Muslim Brotherhood infection spread to other secular Egyptian dissidents such as Sandmonkey? After the Kefaya protests turned out to be led by radical marxists and would be jihadists and not liberals, as the media was claiming, that was about the last straw for me when it comes to supporting the Egyptian opposition. And the response of you douchebags to the Lara Logan atrocity turned me against you, from a position of neutrality.

    You people are your own worst enemies, and are the architects of your own demise. And it's offensive that people have to continually point out to you that your misfortunes today are a direct result of your mistakes in the past, and not the fault of the Jews and Americans. How many Egyptians does it take to screw in a lightbulb, anyway?

    1. You accuse me of being an old Jew just because I wrote something you don't like? Well, at least now everyone knows you're a bigot and can deal with your opinions accordingly.

      And for what it's worth, I like it when bigots disagree with me. It proves I'm right, since they obviously aren't :)

  3. Here's something you could tell us about, Zeinobia. Egyptian mosque used as torture chamber for Christians. Many of your readers will dismiss it because it is from Fox News, but the report is backed up with external links.


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