Monday, March 25, 2013

Breaking : Arrest Warrants issued in “Mount Battle”

The prosecutor general office has announced from short time that arrest warrants have been issued against activists Alaa Abdel Fatah , Ahmed Douma , Karim El Shaer ,  Hazem Abdel Azim and Ahmed Eid. According to the arrest warrant , the five are banned from travel.
The prosecutor general also order to request the interrogation of Nawara Negm.
The 6 activists are being reported by allegedly a number of political figures and parties “Mainly MB and Islamists” to the public prosecutor and are being accused of inciting violence , destroying properties and attacking people. There are 4 CDs with videos, screenshots from their social media accounts and photos prove their guilty in calling people to torch down the Muslim brotherhood’s headquarters and killing MB members.
Yes there is a new arrest warrant for Alaa , it is unbelievable !! Alaa has broke all records by having arrest warrants in time of Mubarak, SCAF and Morsi !!
There have been leaks regarding these warrants since early morning and we are expecting even more warrants. “Not less than 100 warrants actually”
There are online calls urging these names not to surrender to the prosecutor general. Already Karim El Shaer has announced from short time on Facebook that he will not surrender to the prosecutor general’s order because he does not recognize this prosecutor general. El Shaer believes that this order proves that Morsi’s regime was walking on the same path of Mubarak and that he will continue to fight till it is downed. El Shaer was arrested during Mubarak’s rule by the way. 
By the way I would like to know why there was no arrest warrant or investigation issued against the MB official filmed at the Presidential Palace for the illegal detention and torture of Egyptian citizens on December 5,2012 at the presidential Palace.


 Nawara Negm commented on the decision on ONTV channel from short awhile ago saying that she will not go to the interrogation and she does not care about imprisonment. Already both her parents were from the most famous political prisoners in time of Nasser and Sadat.

 Nawara Negam said on her twitter account that Morsi's actions now remind her of President Sadat in his last days.

Now Alaa Abdel Fatah has issued a statement on his official Facebook page announcing that he will head to the prosecutor general officer's tomorrow because he does not want the Police to terrorize his wife Manal or their baby son Khaled despite he believes the warrant is an evidence the corruption of the prosecutor general and bis bias to the Muslim brotherhood. Tomorrow Abdel Fatah will demand an investigate judge following the ministry of justice to ensure neutrality. Now there are leaks that the arrest warrants will include tweeps and so on. For this Egyptian tweeps have launched the new hashtag "We are calling for burning down the MB headquarters" Yes , they are calling for burning down the MB's HQ. In less than 4 hours the hashtag attracted more 1,190 tweets. Tomorrow Alaa Seif and Ahmed Eid decided will head to the prosecutor general's office downtown Cairo at 12 PM. Alaa's family will be with him. The activists are planning for a stand outside the prosecutor general's office at the same time. Now here is an interesting legal view from prosecutor Kareem Sallam about what the prosecutor general's decisions. People are wondering now if President knows about today's prosecutor general's decision especially after his speech yesterday where he hinted about "those responsible for chaos" to the end of his talk including "Exceptional measures" . People also wonder why the MB has announced its general mobilization too on the same day.


  1. Watch your back, Z, because the Brotherhood reads Egyptian Chronicles and they don't like it.

    1. Jason is probably right but please continue your important and excellent work, dear Zeinobia.

  2. These "activists" in charge of the attacks, burning and killing of muslims, in the intrest of the old criminal elit will eventually pay for there deeds.

    1. People are people. There are Muslim people and other people. You need to learn this. Capital M, by the way. Show some respect.

  3. Ahavat Eretz Israel3/25/2013 10:51:00 PM

    This is just another nail in the coffin. The Islamists show their true colors and they look like Nazis. Their opponents will be heroes tomorrow.

  4. Our thoughts are with you, Zeinobia. I will write to my MP to contact the Foreign Office with my concerns. It's not much but it is the best we can do from here (UK) to show solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution. You have friends around the world.


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