Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mohamed El Shafei joins el Gendy in searching for lost justice !! “Graphic”

After hours of Mohamed El Gundy’s disappearance on 28 January 2013 another young man like him also disappeared in Tahrir square on 29 January 2013. His name was Mohamed El Shafei and was last seen in a protest in Tahrir square. 
We saw El Shafei’s photo as a missing person sooner on social media.
El Shafie's photo
His mother Mrs. Amal Ahmed , a single mom who works in Misr International University kept searching for him for weeks along with the help of her family and friends as well the human rights activists. For a whole month they have been searching everywhere , in every hospital, jail and morgue. I repeat in every hospital and morgue including Zanihom morgue in Cairo 
Earlier this month we found out that activists found him in the infamous Zanihom morgue by accident after visiting that morgue and showing the photo of Mohamed to their employees of the morgue.They denied havin him in when they were first asked !! 
 It turned out that there was hidden chamber human rights activists and lawyers did not know about in that morgue where some anonymous dead body with traces of torture was kept outside the fridge. Yes outside the fridge for several days. It turned out to be El Shafie’s body. El Shafie’s body was admitted as anonymous body at first with no clothes or ids or anything. El Shafie was beaten and was shot three times. His body of course began to compose. Till now we do not know the exact cause of death. 

El Shafie as found in morgue "Graphic"
Here is a video clip showing Amal Ahmed speaking to Ahram Online about her son and what happened to him. Mrs. Amal voted for Morsi by the way.

Who tortured and killed El Shafie !? Another question with no answer.
His mother , that strong lady said that Mohmaed has passed away , there are millions of Mohameds in Egypt seeking freedom and justice who will restore his rights.
Strong Mrs. Amal by Al Watan newspaper.
Nawara Negm said on TV yesterday that someone told her that they want the army to return back to rule because at least our dead are found in no time !!
I am tired of seeing Egyptian mothers who try to stop their tears in defiance over their lost sons. Just like El Gendy , El Shafie was his mother’s lonely child.
Do you know that the mother of Mohamed El Gendy took the number of Mrs. Amal and called her in order to support her in her grief !!


  1. Yes the counter revolution is hard at work trying to restore SCAF and the old regime. No one can deny that and they will ue any means possible to counter the revolution including killing Ahmeds so that activists like you curse Morsi which makes their life easier so they can return.

    1. Dear Anonymous I do not think that the counter revolution was responsible for what happened at the presidential palace from torture
      I do not think that the counter revolution told minister Mekky to lie about Mohamed El Gendy.
      President Morsi is responsible in front of God and people for this. If you can not stop them then he is a weak
      President Morsi is praising security forces and ministry of interior day and night that torture minors and protesters , he holds the full responsibility whether you like it or not

    2. True words Zeinobia!

    3. >activists like you curse Morsi

      I think that what you do not seem to understand that in international law Morsi is in charge and therefore he can be found liable for such crimes. I doubt very much that even Morsi realizes such fact

      And if Morsi does not like to be cursed, after all politics is the realm of the profane and there is nothing sacred in it, then he can go and good riddance

      But I suspect that he knows that if he is gone then he will be taken to court just like Mubarak for all the crimes committed in his name and the name of his government against the people of Egypt

  2. i guess we have a very huge moral problem haven't we??

  3. This is really unbelievable and another real crime and one can only blame Morsi after all he is the one in charge and I do not think he even gets it

    Zeinobia, may be it is time for the mothers and sisters of the victims of this fascist regime of Morsi and el-ikhwan the likes of Khaled Said and Mina Danial and Mohamed el-Gundy and all the other victims that are too many to count to learn from the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires who stood up for hours on end in the Plaza de Mayo (not unilke Midan el-Tahrir) protesting the disappearance and the murder of their children by the then military rulers of Argentina

    They were able to be very effective through their peaceful gatherings to remind the whole world that they want to know what happened to their children and to get justice for them and to put the criminals that committed these crimes in jail

    I know that the women of Egypt can do that and it works and if nothing works then Morsi and his gang should be taken to the International Court at the Hague

  4. As painful as it really is but thank you Zeinobia for documenting this atrocity and crime against Mohamed Elshafei

    I'm convinced that Egypt will be free one day when this fascist el-ikhwan regime is gone. However, can Egyptians really get real justice in Egypt? I doubt it very much

  5. Zeinobia
    You should check the murder of the two young men that were accused of being thieves and then killed by a mob

    Shame in the people of Egypt for allowing such crime and shame on all those that were watching this crime unfold as no one came to the help of these two men.

    It is about time that Egyptians should realize that everyone is innocent until proven guilty IN A COURT OF OF LAW and here is the video!



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