Saturday, April 6, 2013

#April6 : An Anniversary or a new start "Live blogging"

Today is April 6 , it is the anniversary of a great political and social event that many believe to be the real introduction for 25 January Revolution : The April 6 Strike in Mahalla and rest of Egypt especially in Cairo.

Today the April 6th Youth movement is celebrating this day with its two fronts in its own way : Protesting against President Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood. In another words to bring down the regime once again.

In Cairo and Giza there will be at least four rallies organized by April 6 : Shubra roundabout and Siyada Zeinab square “Cairo” and Mostafa Mahmoud square and Imbaba “Giza”. I do not know to where these rallies will head up till now. Most probably to Tahrir square. These rallies should start at 4 PM but from what I see in Cairo the April 6th Youth Movement members are starting early and are having small stands in different areas whether in Downtown at the Stock market or the presidential palace.

There will be other rallies in other governorates and cities like in Alexandria,Damietta   Mansoura, Suez and Mahalla.

Other parties and movements are participating in the rallies too like Free Egyptians Party.

The main demands of these rallies according to the statement of the movement issued on Thursday is to :

  • To dismiss this government
  • To dismiss the prosecutor general
  • To release all the detainees of peaceful protesting and political opinion.
  • To restructure the MOI.

Some people hope that day will the start of bring down the Muslim brotherhood and even have called today “The Day of wrath

You must know that the April 6th Youth Movement has been accused for months now of being supportive to the Muslim brotherhood and one of their tools.

Now to keep it up with the rallies and what will happened tonight , here is a live storify report.


  1. I wonder how many will be killed by the opposition protesters today and into the early hours of the morning around Egypt? ............sigh* God protect us from stupid wilfull ignorant and mindless oppositon thuggery!

  2. Zeinobia: There is no doubt that April 6 started the change in Egypt but at least to me the murder of Khaled Said is the straw that broke the camels back and there was only one way and that is to get rid of Mubarak and his corrupt system but what the people of Egypt got is a fascist regime and the leaders of this regime are no more than despotic, angry, think skinned fools and to add insult to injury they think that they have a direct phone line connection with no other than Allah

    There is no doubt that the fight now would be to get rid of them and no more theocracy and no more "Hokm el-3Askar" and this government should:

    1. A government of all Egyptians Sunni Muslims, Shia, Sufis, Copts, women, atheists, gays, straights, Baha'ees and I hope I did not forget anyone

    2. All Egyptians are equal in front of the law

    3. The legal system should be reformed and it should be independent from the executive and the legislative arms of the government

    4. Egypt should be open for business again and this means reform of business and bank laws and encourage the likes of Naguib Sawiris to go back to Egypt and continue to work and in the process generate very much needed jobs

    5. Egyptians should get rid of the rule of religion in the public space and to get rid of those crazy Shiokh el-fada'eyyat by making them unable to be financed by the evil wahhabis and to get them to work and do real jobs for a change

    And last: Egyptians should stop blaming el-yahood wa el-CIA for their problems


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